5th May, 2016

Rajam Vikasa Tarangini under the guidance of Sriman Ramana Moortyji ( Busky master) celebrated the Sri Ramanavami Festival in a different way.The event proceedings, to start with sending invitations to all the devotees. The invitation for Sri Sita Rama kalyanamahotsavam contained enough space for bhaktas to write Sri Rama namam many times& bring it along with them when they participate on the Kalyana mahotsavam day. This also included printed information about the Donations ( that they will be given to Netra Vidyalaya).
All the three Centres of Rajam Vikasa Tarangini run Yoga classes. The Sadhakas appreciated the interest & dedication of all the volunteers in organizing the Sri Sita Rama Kalyana mahotsavam in such a grand manner. this was done in a much better way than a marriage in their own homes.Out of 700 invited, 500 attended ,completed Sri Rama nama Likhana & submitted them on the event day. Rs. 10.000/- was spent for the event & was shared by all the executives/volunteers of the Vikasa Tarangini.
On the Kalyanam day Sriman Routhu Narasimhappadu represented on the Lord Ramas side & sriman Battula Surendra kumar played the role of the elders for sri sita devi. The kalyanam clothes worn by the Lord Sri Rama & amma Sita devi were gifted on the following day to a poor family. Sri Amanana Lalitha,Sri Donka Thrinath, Sri Pakir & sri lolugu Vishveshwara rao participated .
On the April 1st, an amount of Rs. 17,000/- was presented to Netra Vidyalaya as part of the Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsava event with the Mangala sasanams of our Beloved Acharya & The Divine couple.
The contributions & the expenditure statement was made & copies were distributed to all concerned .

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