Swamiji addressed doctors from across the world on how they can become stronger instruments in making the world healthier, focusing primarily on ways to prevent the sickness. Swamiji appreciated the efforts of all traditional medical streams in working together towards single Goal – a healthy individual! Here’s an excerpt of Swamiji’s message at the World Congress for Traditional Medicines…

When a cat feels that her stomach is upset, she voluntarily observes fasting for a day to treat herself. However, When a man is in the same situation, he is tending towards taking a medicine immediately rather than healing it naturally. Man thinks that he is highly evolved species but is actually becoming more and more ignorant of natural healing, thereby becoming vulnerable for sickness.

Bhagavad Geetha Chapter 6 says, ‘Yuktahara viharasya yuktha chestasya karmasu, yuktha swapnaya bodhasya yo:go: bhavathi dukhaha’ – Eating satvik food in moderation, knowing and indulging in recommended recreation levels, conducting work in regulation, maintaining sleep times etc. can support a man to become a Yo:gi. A Yo:gi is not one who performs asanas alone, he is the one who knows to lead life holistically. The first step is to actually educate why one needs to follow these regulations and how. The human body is a powerful tool and can be utilised for higher purposes than just maintaining the health of the body alone!

The farther you go from natural ways of living, the harder it becomes to be stay healthy. Need based living makes one complacent and peaceful than going behind greed!

Traditional Medicinal Systems such as Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathy and modern medicine like Allopathy should all aim to make the person happy, rather than  focusing only the part of the body that has the complaint. It may be that the unhealthy part of the body is a result of something outside that part!

Super speciality doctors seem to focus more and more on specific area, sometimes losing the focus on the individual in entirety. Every doctor is good at heart and their intention is right, but the system adopted by them needs to be analysed to make sure the goal of treating the person as a whole is met, rather than one specific organ only. If a medicine is good for kidney, but makes the lungs weaker – is that medicine right treatment for the person?

A recommended approach:

  • Learn and Educate masses on right life style; Doctors are the ones people approach first in any case of small illness, utilise this opportunity to serve them right
  • Pay more attention on the reason for illness, weakened system and the person’s lifestyle rather than giving a pain killer such as paracetamol for all conditions
  • Encourage growers for pure raw material to prepare the medicines
  • Be very careful to not to get carried away with commercial mind-set during the medicine preparation phase. Do not compromise on Quality of the medicine at any cost.
  • Allocate enough time and resources on research
  • Remember to treat the person as a whole; ultimately not one organ but the person has to feel happier and healthy
  • ‘Worship your own medicinal stream; Respect all others’ – Learn to work collectively to understand the strengths of each medicinal stream rather than letting a person suffer because one specific stream has no capability to cure the illness

Excerpt from Sri Swamiji’s talk at World Congress for Traditional Medicine, Hyderabad

Swamiji also shared his experience using Homeopathy when he met with an accident, breaking ribs and couple of fractures 2 decades ago. He shared with everyone that the treatment took two months, not leaving even a single scar on the area that he was hit.

Swamiji expressed that he is happy to see practitioners of traditional medicine from different parts of the world, including Australia, Srilanka to gather here and discuss on ways to improve serving ill people.

HH invited everyone to visit JIMS, Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services where all medicinal streams are collectively working towards one single aim: a healthy happy person!

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