Sri Rama Chandra was 39 years old when he got coronated in Thretha Yuga. He invited everyone who came across his path and thanked them in ways that no one could imagine.

Gratitude is a very key characteristic of a human being. We also thank people who support us but not as heart fully as needed and not everyone either. After a while, we tend to forget and begin to think it is our talent and not really anyone else’s support for our success. Rama shows us to be ever grateful to everyone around you.

Sri Rama is an avatar of Lord Narayana himself. Para swarupam and Vyuha swarupam are forms that we cannot experience with our naked eye. Therefore, God takes forms that can be seen, felt and experienced based on the need of the hour. During Thretha Yuga, even though no one truly asked for him, He foresaw the need just like a mother would wake up in the middle of the night to hold her baby who is in the verge of falling down from the bed!

Sri Rama Chandra refused to use any of the divine abilities, and remained to be a perfect human being. He showed to Ravana and the world that a man when conducts himself correctly can become the most powerful being on the Earth and other worlds as well. However, not many were able to follow him then. It’s not an easy task because we fall prey to temporary pleasures and attractions forgetting the long term goal or purpose. When one remembers the core purpose of life, the rest of the smaller benefits will anyway fall in his hands. Having patience and not giving up on our dharma is key.

Rama later took the Deity form to be available at all times for all of us, now with Divine strength as well.

Today, we are able to worship Sri Rama Chandra as an archa murthi, i.e. Deity. Believe in his strength who is the form of Srimannarayana himself; Seek his blessings because his Supremacy has become Accessible! Recognise it and revive your inner energy!

We can be considered fit to celebrate Pattabhishekam of Sri Rama Chandra only if we take an oath to follow the path set by Him.

May we follow the righteous path you laid!
May we become the heirs of your pureness!
May we attain the strength to follow your order!
May we all become the dasas, Rama Dasas!

May the word of Ramanuja who gave us all your order at all temples flourish for the benefit of creation! 

Ramanujacharya established the way temples should perform services for Lord based on the purpose of the avatar and the Deity in the temple with Love and Devotion, and no barriers for entry! Badhrachalam temple follows Sri Pancharathra aagama and Sri Vaishnava sampradayam to suit for the sanctity and purpose of Sri Rama avatar. Temples across whole nation say, ‘Ramanujarya divyagna vardhatham abhi vardhatham…. saahi loka hithaishini…!

Let us all now make our hearts, beautiful pots filled with water of Love for Lord and offer to him as he is getting coronated! Happy Sri Rama Pattabhishekam to you all!

– From the discourse of Sri Swamiji at Badhrachalam, 27th March 2018

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