29th Oct 2016

Naraka Chathurdasi was celebrated early in the morning at JIVA campus.  Temple doors opened at 4:30 pm with suprabhatham. Special thirumanjanam with gingelly oil was offered to the Divya Saketha Sri Ramachandra parivar.  Devotees thronged the temple to take the oil to apply on their heads and take head bath. HH Sri Swamiji came to the temple and offered the abhishekam to the Lord.   Later HH wished everyone Happy Naraka Chathurdasi and explained how Narakasura who was originally Bhauma developed covetous nature and grabbed everything beautiful for himself. He born as the son of Sri Varaha Swamy and Bhu devi in the first manvantara  became an Evil to the society. Lord, as Lord Krishna accompanied by Sathyabhama killed him and freed the society from his clutches. We all have Narakasura’s qualities in us. This festival reminds us to eradicate such qualities and become better persons. In fact, this is the prayer offered by Narakasura to Lord Krushna when he was in his last moments. He prayed, ” Oh Lord, name this day after me so that people will be reminded to not become greedy like me”.

Later,  a dummy of Narakasura made by JIVA Gurukulam students was ignited. Every year, Narakasura is made of fire crackers.  But this year, the pledge to donate the crackers money to the Army as per the clarion call by the Prime Minister,  made the whole event a silent one.

HH’s mother gave harathi to all the students and applied gingerly oil. All performed head bath(Abhyangana Snanam). Abhishekam offered to HH Swamiji perumal too. Thousands of people came and HH gave thirtham for almost 3 hours to all the devotees.

Later Dwarathorana pooja and Parayanas started at Brahma Yajna Yagasala.

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