28th Oct 2016

On the auspicious occasion of HH Swamiji’s 60th Tirunakshatra Mohothsava prayuktha Brahma Yajnam, Vaamana Pooja was organized to Vedic Students at JIVA Campus on 28.10.2016 Morning.

Twin Cities VTs and VT Central Committee sponsored this event.

HH Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to all Vedic Students in the form of Vamana. And all the devotees along with HH Swamiji and all Jeeyar Swamijis, devotees did pradakshina to all the Vedic Students thinking as Vamana avatharas.

HH Swamiji also released the 2017 year Adarsha Dinacharya from Ramanujavani and offered mangalasasanams to Smn. P. Venkatacharya Swami, Co-Ordinator of Sri Ramanaujavani.