It is one of the biggest events that occurs every year, where Ubhaya Ve:da:ntha Vidhwans (Scholars who are experts in both Dra:vida Prabandham and Ve:dam) are commemorated for their contributions to the society, for their works, practices and unflinching faith in our ve:dic samprada:yam. The recepients are presented with a memento and a cash award of 1 lakh ruppee.

This year, the 25 Go:pa:lapa:yanam is awarded to Sri Sri Sri Tiruppulani Sundara Rajan Swamy from Sri Ranga Divya Kshe:tram.Sri Tiruppulla:ni swamy is a Ubhaya Ve:da:nthi and a very dedicated follower of vedic rituals. His sincerity and respect for our samprada:yam is so high that he would actually cycle down to the nearest pond or a river, to take a dip and perform the morning oblations and prayers as prescribed in our sa:stras.

Apart from the award ceremony, the day had also captured a books-publication program. A set of 16 books were released today by Sri Swamiji.
These 16 books talk about different philospohical topics related to Sri Ramanuja and the Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam. The idea was to explain the vedic knowledge succintly and draw out easily understood meanings from the deep philosophical scriptures which is sometimes only understood by great pandits.

This literary project was conceived by Sri Ranga Ramanujacharya for the benefit of the common people.
Our HH Swamiji appreciated Sri Ranga Ramanujacharya Swamy for the immense hardwork and efforts that went into authoring these books

Another huge vedic research project is underway – a compilation of 16 pa:das of various philosophical works of different authors like Sankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhwacharya.

The different works of these great saints are brought together at one place by this project. This way, people who are interested in learning the depth of vedic texts, can attain them at one place. It is for those who are keen in doing research and comparitive studies of the doctrines of great saints and acharyas.

Presently only the 1st pa:da comprising 2 parts has been released Sriman Allaki Sarma garu, JET USA founder was also present in the event.

Many authors like Smt Chudamani garu, Sriman Narasimhacharyulu, Sriman Amaravadi, Sriman rangacharya Swamy were felicitated  during the event.

Sri Swamiji specially appreciated a magnanimous couple, Sriman Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy and his wife, for donating 8 kg gold for Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdhi statue of equality.

They had previously donated 3,30,000 lakh dollars, for Sri Ramanuja Sahasra:bdhi! Swamiji appreciated all the donors, small and big, for being part of the Sri ramanuja Sahasrabdhi

In the rest of the event Sri Swamiji, elaborated the wonderful bond and inseparable friendship between Sriman Gopalacharya Swamy and Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji !

And how their only goal was to do Sampradaya samrakshanam, dharma rakshana, grantha sikshana, prasaarana meaning: Protection of Dharma and Samprada:ya Learn Scriptures, Promote the Knowledge !

A little later, Sriman tirupullani Sundararajan Swamy gave a wonderful speech in hindi.

God gave us vedas to read, learn and attain an understanding about Him The ve:da saram was given by Ve:da Vya:sa as Bramha Suthras.
The Bramha Su:thras were very difficult for us to understand. And so, Saints like Sri Ramanuja captured its essence and gave it to us in the form of Sri Bha:shyam!

But the Sri Bha:shyam was also is beyond our understanding-level! And then we had Sri Sudarshana Suri, famed author of “Shrutha Prakashika” an – exhaustive commentary on Sri Ramanuja’s Sri Bhashya.
Sri Tiruppullani Sundarrajan Swamy, the receipient of the honorable award Go:pa:lo:pa:yanam, explained about the greatness of this work “Shrutha Praka:shika”

Sriman Tiruppullani Sundararajan Swamy is considered as a pramatha. Pramathas are those who give as-it-is information of knowledge with prama:nams (proven authentic original work, or knowledge).the prama:nas tell about God (prame:yamu). God is the prame:yam.And hence, all these three should be understand and preserved well.

Thus ended the wonderful event Go:pa:lo:pa:yanam Puraska:r Award Ceremony

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