When we meditate (or work with dedication) upon something, our intention is to attain the same. Example: when a student learns a chapter; the intent of the student is to get a grip of the chapter. It will never be the case where she learns a chapter; but she becomes ignorant of its content, right? This is the case with everything in general.

However, when it comes to Krishna this rule reverses! If you learn and know His birth or His karma, you will be free from your birth and your karma! You will no longer have to struggle in a body that has no ability to give you true happiness.

You may now wonder: Why can’t this body give true happiness!? I have been happy so far.

You define happiness to be: satisfying the thirst of a sense organ temporarily. This is not true happiness.A sense organ keeps pushing us for quenching its desire. When we satisfy its desire, we say we are happy. The organ keeps wanting more and we work for it. The sensory organs that you are trying to satiate are insatiable.  Is this true state of happiness? It is analogous to dressing a wound and saying I am pain-free! There is every chance of getting hurt again. Followed by experiencing the same or worse pain. And a need to dress it again. Is this a true pain-free state?

To attain such beautiful divine state of true happiness, Krishna says: 

janma karma cha me: divyam
e:vam yo: ve:ththi thaththvathaha |
thyakthva: de:ham punarjanma
naithi ma:m e:thi so::rjuna! ||

– Bhagavad Githa, Chapter 4, Sloka 9

I am omniscient (sarvajna – all knowledgeable) and omnipotent (sarvashakthi – all poweful). Hence, I take a transcendental body (divya mangala vigraham), janma as soon as I wish for it. I am not driven by karma, everything I do is for the welfare of all the souls. This is the my karma. Therefore, neither my birth nor my work are defective in any manner. Learn about any of these two: my birth or my karma. Then you will not need to take birth in such defective body. As soon as you shed the current body, you will reach the divine me, attain a divinely qualified body not driven by your karma. That is when you can enjoy an eternal state of bliss!

This Krishnastami – Learn about ‘A Rule Reversal with Krishna’ (2)

This Krishnastami, let’s remove the veil of ignorance that separates us from Krishna. Let our love become the naivedyam (an offering to God – a delicious dessert, butter etc). Let His grace reach us as prasadam (the same offering given back to us, now filled with His grace)

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 24 th August, Sri Jayanthi (Krishnastami) 2019
– Divya Saketham, JIVA asram, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)

This Krishnastami – Learn about ‘A Rule Reversal with Krishna’ (4)
This Krishnastami – Learn about ‘A Rule Reversal with Krishna’ (4)
Sri Krishna Jayanti – ‘A Rule Reversal

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