When you have the correct insights about life, everything becomes a supporting agent. Example: when you look at your mother, her selfless giving attitude lets you work harder. When you look at your father, his tireless working attitude motivates you. We must remember however, that the level of support and inspiration you get from them will be limited unless and until your insight deepens further. The insight must go beyond what is visible to the naked eye, and reach to the ultimate source of all sources of support. Only then will you have an unlimited support aiding you throughout your life journey!

What is this unlimited support?

 Is it practical to have unlimited support?

Yes totally! Such unlimited support exists everywhere. But, we don’t believe in the form it is accessible to us. So, we miss it. How unfortunate is it to miss something so valuable not because it is inaccessible, but because we lack the trust in the way it is accessible.

The unlimited support (from God) is accessible to us as a Deity form everywhere, including at our home or in a temple. What we don’t have is the belief in the form (Deity) through which that unlimited support is accessible to us. 

Sri Rama Chandra

Sri Rama Chandra spent time with thousands of people for several years. But, only Tara (Vali’s wife), Mandodari (Ravana’s wife) and a few sages recognised His greatness. He did not have any special connection with them, but they had the insight and acceptance to see His true form through the qualities, and the form He possessed.

During Krishna avatar, Yashoda’s insight was seeing Him was only as a son. The Gopikas insight seeing him was only as their friend and/or lover. Arjuna’s insight was seeing him as his brother-in-law. When Sri Krishna revealed His virat rupam (divine majestic form) to Arjuna, he was surprised and realised. However, Arjuna forgot it completely as soon as Krishna withdrew this form. God was always around. But, they all failed to recognise Him as God in his full glory, nnd thus, missed out on experiencing His full grace.


Today, most of us are also in the same situation. God is accessible to us as a Deity. (God exists everywhere too, but we named other objects based on the purpose of the object and thereby blocked our consciousness from realising the entire form of the object – where as the Deity form does not have such blockers. Neither His form nor His name blocks us from connecting with Him in Deity form). We lack the trust in that form. Those who trust in Deity form of God are experiencing His grace.

Pu:shanne:karshe:! Yama! su:rya! pra:japatya! vyu:ha rasmi:n samu:ha tejaha

yatthe: ru:pam kalya:na thamam tatthe: pasya:mi yo:sa: vasow purusha sso:hamasmi

– Isa:va:syam Upanishad, 16th mantra

“You nurture every being, you possess immaculate knowledge, you define the entire existence, you are the instigator of wisdom in every being, you are the protector of all. Please bring your supreme radiance together to one form so I can see you. You chose Sun to be your divine pious body to emit light and heat for the benefit of all. You also reside within me, you chose me as your divine pious body to empower and support me. And thus, you reside everywhere in various forms.”

  • The source of unlimited support is therefore right within your heart, named as antarya:mi
  • The source of unlimited support is therefore accessible as a Deity in your home or temple, named as archa: vigraham

They are just different names of the same supreme power, God. Connect these dots and you will be fearless, you will be joyful, you will have enormous strength, you will understand the true nature of yourself, and you will be always working for the unlimited support of the supreme power within you, God

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– December 15 th ,2019, Srinivas Kalyanam by Spoorthi
– Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam

Swamiji appreciated the Spoorthi team of devotees. They have been performing Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam every year for the past 25 years. They then walk from Bangalore to Tirupathi to submit their respects to the Lord in seven hills. Their dedication towards archa: vigraham and their commitment to continue such great devotion-filled event every year is truly an inspiration.

Swamiji also appreciated the Vikasa Tarangini Bangalore team for releasing a beautiful yearly calendar with a grand theme each year. The calendars are not sold, but distributed with the sole intent of spreading good messagees. They choose to thank their patrons through this calendar and also encourage others to support many divine causes they work to support. These causes include and are not limited to education for the visually disadvanted and women’s health care. VT Bangalore was thrilled to have the calendar released in Bangalore by their inspiration, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

Srinivas Kalyanam by Spoorthi- Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam!!

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