DeepikaHow can we improve memory power?

swamijihow-to-improve-memory-powerWhen you are in love with something, you will remember all about it. As a student, you will want to remember some facts or things you learn in your text books. Firstly, you need to believe that education is necessary and beneficial for you. You will then be able to love the content in your text books. If you love the content of your text books, your memory will be utilised to the fullest in absorbing it.

Here’s an interesting fact! If you divide your memory of brain to 20,000 pockets – even the most intelligent one is using only one of the pockets, there are 19,999 pockets of memory ready for utilisation! So, it’s only up to you to make a firm decision. We are all equally potent. Love what you are learning and it stays with you!

-Deepika, 8th standard

LakshmiHow to control your jealousy?

swamijiJealousyJealousy is defined as a feeling you experiences because someone else is happy with what you actually want. The feeling does not stop there. It makes you want to snatch that ‘something’ away from the person by any means. Very negative and unwanted emotion!

Now let’s say that your brother won something that you couldn’t or didn’t win. You will be happy about it and not jealous of him. Why? Because he is your brother! The bond that connects you and your brother enhances each of your joy with the respective other. Therefore, the only solution to get rid of jealousy is to recognise the hidden bond with everyone. A common bond that connects us all. If you think of everyone to be your friend, your brother, your ‘someone’, then you will automatically enjoy others’ happiness as yours and not feel jealous.

-Lakshmi, 8th standard

Which achievement is considered the greatest achievement?

swamijiachievementsWhen your surroundings (people and nature) are happy and proud of your work (no matter how trivial the work is) AND When you can withstand difficult times with wise and brave decisions – that is when you have achieved the greatest. It does not matter what your career is in, this attitude makes you a great achiever. But, without this attitude and conduct, no matter what profession you are in, it’s not the greatest achievement.

-Varsha,Inter 2nd Year (School Alumni)

SwathiWhy should one spend a lot of money on puja (prayer)?

Your school management has invited us all for the annual event and the new building inauguration. You have dressed up to perform on this stage. You must have spent some money for all this. Why? Because you love your school and you want to express it in this way.

Money of pujaLet’s take another example. Your mother loves you and hugs you at times. Does she have a limit on how many times she hugs you or how long? Love does not observe boundaries.

Puja is a service offered to God driven by love. So, we spend as much as the love demands – not only money, time and other resources too.

-Swathi, 8th standard

AnushaWhat is dharmam? Why should one practice it?

swamijiDharmamDharmam is defined as: anything that you do which contributes to your happiness while you are in this body AND in your next birth too! Leading life righteously (dha:rmika jeevanam) yields two fruits, happiness in this life and happiness in the upcoming birth! Animals take up tasks that are only relevant for this life alone. They do not worry about what’s next. Devathas are always concerned about what’s coming up next, especially in fear of losing their current position to someone. We want both, don’t we? In that case, we should practice dharmam.

-Anusha, 9th standard

A school should always aim at giving best education, not just literacy. A truly educated person does not go behind money earning profession, unless it is his/her passion. One should always pursue a career out of passion, not out of greed for money. Very unfortunate that our current system does not respect all professions / skills equally.

Schools must encourage this attitude in the children. Money is not the criteria to choose a career. While teaching the basics of all subjects is important, any other skills must be nourished too. Every school should have a good library, a good laboratory, technology aids to teach etc. A lot of focus is put in scoring marks, but not really learning subjects or skills out of love.

Recently, we have been told that government schools do not have teaching aids/ laboratory material to demonstrate science experiments to their children. To support them, we have taken an initiative to supply one kit to each government school through our Prajna Reseach program. We would like to give away one of those kits to Vyshanavi Techno School as well. Appreciate the management for trying to do their best in bringing valuable education to this village, Maheswaram.

We have a school in Allampalli, in deep forests where the place experienced the biggest Naxal attacks. However, we reached there to teach. Now the school has 450 children beautifully being brought up, away from any kind of mal practices and working towards keeping their community/villages/thandas hale and happy.

We bless all the promotors, management, staff, parents and students to make their village a self-sufficient one, a place that will be looked upon by the world for its achievements in all areas.

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Maheswaram, Sri Vyshnavi Techno Schoool
– 18th March 2019

Sri Vyshnavi Techno School