As Swami returned to Bharath after 45 days – the devotees, students of Vedic schools and Nethra Vidyalaya welcomed Swami with great enthusiasm and joy.

Swami ‘spoke’ to everyone through his eyes expressing happiness to see all of them in hale state. HH also interacted with all the visually challenged children studying in Nethra Vidyalaya by inquiring on their well-being and congratulating them all for the recent achievements.

All the guests and devotees joy knew no bounds. Looking at everyone, Swamiji said –

Although partings and meetings are common, the experience of seeing each other after a while takes us back to memories from the first meet. It rejuvenates the richness in relation and brings newness back into our experience!

Swamiji also informed everyone about how the devotees and aspirants in USA are all getting geared up to reach Bharath for the Statue of Equality inauguration celebrations being planned in the month of April.

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