Life After Death

For centuries together doctors, scientists, philosophers have been fascinated about life after death. As part of some experiments conducted by research labs across the top universities and research centres around the world, volunteers recorded what near-death experience, or an

Lightning and Life

Nammalwar says, "lightning in the sky is better than the body in this life!" (minnin nilayila mannuir aakkila...) Natural and immediate questions would be, "In what way is lightning better than body?", "Isn't span of lightning much shorter compared to

Start with 33 Seconds

Any achievement is a result of focussed work. Are you being distracted? Is your mind interested in something else than your aim? What does our ancient Vedic wisdom say about distractions and solution to overcome them?

Dhanurmasam 2019

First 15 Days : USA - Houston Astalakshmi Temple THIRUPPAVAI AARADHANA - DAY - 2 Goal of Life by Goda Devi | Dhanurmasam | Thiruppavai aradhana || Day 2 Goal of Life by

Happy Utthana Ekadasi

Happy Utthana Ekadasi!  We celebrate this day as  Lord (parandhama) who is in yoga nidra on paalkadali (mighty milky ocean), wakes up after 4 months. This is why Karthika Masam is known to be a month of thejas (light/glow).