Gateway to the Greatest Way

This year, Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam started on the 27th of November. Shall we try to understand what the transition from Ka:rthika ma:sam to Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam means to us?  [sira means head; marg means path, Ma:rgasi:rsha means best among the paths/ways]

Stone versus Deity – A must read!

If God exists everywhere including in a stone, why do we pray only to a Deity in temples? Every year lakhs of people visit temples such as Ranganatha temple in Sri Rangam, or Balaji temple in Tirupati, or Divya

What did Adi Shankaracharya say about Sri Rangam?

ఇదం హి రంగం, త్యజతా మిహాంగం పునర్నచాంగం యది చాంగమేతి పాణౌ రథాంగం, యానే విహంగం శయనే భుజంగం, చరణే అంబుగాంగం Listen to Swamiji here! Sri Rangam is an abode of supreme wealth! Supreme wealth is that which does not