Relations with family and friends often involve heated, intense conversations, In any case, open communication is key to maintaining a healthy relation. These physical body relationships are limited to the duration of life in the present body, but the relationship with God is eternal. Shouldn’t we make some efforts in understanding how to communicate with God? How do we do it?

When we are not sure of something like this, examples are always helpful. The most famous example is the dialogue between Arjuna and Lord Krishna. It is revealed to all of us in for the form of as the magnificent Bhagavad Githa!

But what if we do not have the same questions as Arjuna? We don’t have a war to fight. We may not feel confused on your duties and responsibilities. What if our questions are more direct about ultimate destiny? Is there an example for such conversation with God? Also, Arjuna’s dialogue was with Krishna (God Vibhava avatar – whom we could talk to and walk with). So, how do we carry out a dialogue with God now who is not present in Vibhava avatar form before us?

Nammalwar had an, intense and beautiful conversation with God, considered the ultimate dialogue. That is why, every temple honours him in the form of ‘Sattari’, to whom we bow after receiving divine theertham.  

Imagine you are in love. The person you are in love with has certain characteristics that you are attracted to. Those characteristics/qualities have the power to keep you in contact with the person even when you are physically away from him/her. If someone or something in this world have the power to contain you through their qualities, imagine the power of God and His divine qualities!

When God graces you with His love, the immense richness of his divine qualities has the power to sway you in and out of this world even though you are physically fully alive here. The heart simply begins to feel fully involved in and remains constantly connected to God’s internal (the nature of God) and external (the entire existence) aspects. Nammalwar, having such beautifully evolved love to God carries out an ultimate dialogue with Him. 


Nammalwar : God, wait! Stop drenching me in this ocean of your beautiful qualities. I need to tell you something very important. [Nammalwar’s demanding attitude shows his intimacy with God

 God: Okay, what is it? [God’s response reflects his readiness to listen]

Nammalwar : Don’t give me whatever I ask for. Give me what you think is right for me. Let me not do anything that does not align with your will. [Nammalwar’s statement shows the immense trust He has in God]

God:Okay, Do you want Paramapadam, the ultimate blissful state? [God tests alwar’s determination, He tests alwar’ interest in anything else other than Himself

Nammalwar : Give me whatever you want to, but make sure your divine feet always remain on my head. [Nammalwar’s request reflects humbleness coupled with fear of losing connection with God. This fear is a result of intense devotion to God. When you love something deeply, you develop a fear of losing it, right?]

God: Okay, I will consider this with some time. [God checks to see if the alwar is okay to wait]

Nammalwar :Don’t say ‘we will see!’. Make it fast please… [Alwar’s response shows that he cannot wait any longer]

God: Wait. Don’t push me. I do not rush things like this! [God continues to test alwar]

Nammalwar : Don’t tell me you don’t know how to rush to people who call out for help.  When Gajendra sought for help, you did not even wait for Garuda (your divine vehicle)!  [Alwar is fully aware of God’s various divine endeavours during all his forms]

God: True, but are you in such a difficult state as Gajendra was? [God checks to see what is the reason for alwar’s interest in reaching God, He wants to know what is bothering alwar]

Nammalwar : Oh my God! You think Gajendra was in a difficult state than me? Let me tell you…

  • Gajendra suffered close to 1000 deva years, I have been suffering from crores of years
  • Gajendra was caught by only one crocodile, I have been caught by five crocodiles (the indriyas, sense organs that never get satiated)
  • Gajendra wasn’t able to come out of a small pond in Trikuta mount, I am stuck in this ocean of cycles of births and deaths in various bodies!
  • Gajendra was suffering physical pain. However, my manas is under tremendous pain of longing to be in your divine shade forever
God: Well, I chose to protect Gajendra. Is there a rule that I protect you too? [God wants to see if alwar will remain quiet when questioned]

Nammalwar: The entire existence and all its beings are your belongings. Aren’t all of us equal for you? [Alwar pleads God to not discriminate, especially when one truly seeks Him out]

God: Who are you anyway? Define yourself. [God tests alwar about what he thinks of himself]

Nammalwar:  I am only yours, I belong to you… (adiyen). [Nammalwar succeeds in stating his nature that he simply belongs to God]

God: Okay, so you think I should protect you because I am inevitably bonded to you. [God wants to know what is the driving force in alwar]

Nammalwar: No, I seek you out of love for you. I long to be with you. Don’t protect me out of compulsion. [Alwar expresses his love for God]

God: Oh okay, that’s fine. So, what else do you want? [God tests his desire for any other pleasures

Nammalwar: Don’t keep asking this question. I do not want anything else other than being with you. When I am in such beautiful state at your divine feet, let your hands (signifying knowledge) lift me up further towards you. [Alwar expresses his firmness once more and adds on how he wishes to be held by God’s divine hands!]

God: My arms? I hold those souls in my arms who are greatly devoted (parama bhakthulu). Are you? [God questions alwar for his eligibility]

Nammalwar: I don’t know. You somehow give me what is necessary and then you even hold me with your own arms. [Alwar proves that he doesn’t believe in any other means than God Himself to attain knowledge, devotion or anything for that matter

God: How can I trust that you want only this and not anything else? [God further tests alwar’s detachment with other pleasures]

Nammalwar: own nothing material to prove my determined will. You and I – we are the only base to my requests. [Alwar beautifully expresses no other way to prove himself than his state of heart]

God: How did you become so determined, may be even adamant :-)? [God asks the reason for his determined desire to seek Him alone]

Nammalwar: Your divine body (divya mangala vigraham). you have shown yourself to me. What else will anyone want after experiencing the vision of yourself that glows like a beautiful blue coloured precious gem, signifying complete and true ownership of the entire existence. [Alwar expresses how God’s gracious glory is the cause for wanting to be completely attached to Him alone forever]

God: (smiles) Okay, so what are you expecting from me? [God questions one final time to hear from alwar what exactly he is looking for from Him]

Nammalwar: Give yourself to me, not because I am asking – but by your wish. Let the purpose of my existence completely align with your objective. [Alwar does not want what God can give. He wants God Himself. In addition, Alwar does not want to deter (even by a tiny bit) from what God expects from Him!]

God: You have been aware of our relation and have experienced Me for some time now Why do you ask this now? [God wants alwar to explain in detail what has changed that’s made him firm and clear]

Nammalwar: True, but now I want to live the experience practically. So far, my heart relished your presence. I want to truly feel you through all my senses. I want to know for sure that I know you well in every way. [Alwar wants an experience that he realises in every way, not just in his mental picture]

God: Okay, we will see. [God tests alwar again if he will wait]

Nammalwar: Don’t delay, please hurry! [Alwar proves that he cannot really wait anymore]

God:  Okay, I accept you.  [God accepts!]

– From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– During Bhagavad Vishayam,3rd and 4th of Oct 2019

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