Vamana Jayanthi Celebrated at Divya Saketham on 6th Sep 2014


HH Swamiji wished everyone on the occasion of VAMANA JAYANTHI.

Excerpt from HH Message:

Lord of the Universe  assigned a place to stay for all the beings in this Universe. Devathas reside in heaven. Bali, a rakshasa by race became greedy and wanted to occupy Indra’s throne. He defeated Indra and occupied his place. Indra approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord wanted to do justice. But, Bali was a great donor. He surpassed all boundaries in doing charity. Hence, Lord did not  vanquish him.

Instead, being the Supreme lord, the master of the whole universe, He became as a small boy – a yachaka and begged for 3 feet of land. Among all the objects, cotton is the lightest of all. But begging is  considered to be lighter than cotton as it is the most menial task among all the activities. Lord did not mind to do this activity for the sake of devotees. This  shows His love towards all the beings.

Bali consented to the small boy’s wish. As soon as Bali agreed, the small boy grew immediately to gigantic proportions taking the Trivikrama avathara. He stepped on two worlds. For the third step, King Mahabali offered his head. Vamana then placed His divine foot and sent Bali to rasathala. He made Bali the king of Rasathala.

In Kerla, this day is celebrated as Thiru Onam. In Badarinath it is celebrated very grandly. On this day the Uthsava Vigrahams are taken to Matha Murthy temple, the mother of Lord Badari Narayana. From morning to evening all the rituals are performed and  prasadam is distributed to everyone. Finally God returns to main temple at night. It is a very huge function in Badarinath.

Sriman Om Narayana from Mahabubnagar came along with his family and friends and did Sri Sudarsana Homa. HH gave Mangalasasanams to all. The program concluded with prasadam and thirtham distribution.





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