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With the Mangalasasanams of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Vasanthothsavams can be celebrated in Sri Chaitra Masam, on any day in between Chaitra Suddha padyami and Chaitra Suddha Pournami. Every year the Vasanthothsavams start on the day after Sri Rama Navami at Divya Saketham. On the evening of 29-3-2015, the event started with Ankurarpana. The perumal is kept in a mandapam decorated with leaves and flowers resembling a vanam i.e Garden. These Utsavams are meant for compensating the heat of Greeshma Rutuvu and making perumal cool which is called seethalopacharam by doing Abhishekams with nine kalsas everyday. Keeras, curd rice, sugar canes, vada pappu and panakam were also offered as nivedana to Lord. Yesterday i.e 3-4-2015, since its Ranga Nachiyar Thirunakshatram, Goddess Lakshmi  puja also included in this event. Every day as a part of this event, chathursthana Archanadi karyakramas, mula manthra havanamulu and veda vinnapamalu were performed. On the last day 3-4-2015 the event concluded grandly with Avabhrutha Snanam.

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