Bow and Arrow Show on Vijaya Dasami – What is the target?

pranavo: dhanuhu shiro:hyathma: brahma thalakshyamuchyathe: |
apramaththe:na ve:ththavyam sharavaththanmayo: bhave:th  ||

Let’s observe what happens when an arrow is shot towards the target. When it reaches the target, a tiny pointed edge of the arrowhead remains in the target! Even after we remove the arrow, that tiny pointed edge does not come out. When we meditate upon Bramha (our target) and we (tiny pointed edge) reach him, we become a part of HIM. We continue to exist within HIM now. The difference between then and now is that we enjoy the great state of pure joy, immense wealth – not mere materialistic, but intellectual strength, massive energy to serve God’s purpose, unlimited capabilities. All these are HIS wealth, but as you reach HIM – he gives you HIS wealth and therefore you also own several such great attributes like HIM. You do not cease to exist. You do not become the Bramha! But, you enjoy and reap the benefits of reaching and knowing HIM.

When did Lord Vekanteswara worship Sami tree and Why? What does it signify?

Varaha puranam talks about Lord Venkateswara performing prayers to Sami tree. He was going on a sathkaryam (a right deed) to marry Padmavathi Devi.

Sami tree is considered ‘adhiraagni’, Queen of trees. It has the ‘fire’ element in great substance. Fire that is needed to perform a ‘homa’ begins with the branch of this tree. It is of great importance in Vedic rituals. It is said that when one wants wealth, ‘Agni’ has to be worshipped. If one wants good health, ‘Surya’ has to be worshipped. If one wants knowledge, ‘Siva’ has to be worshipped. If one wants moksham, liberation – ‘Janardana’(Vishnu) has to be worshipped. Liberation here does not mean death. It means a state of freedom from bondages and limitations. It is a state of extreme bliss in a body that does not get itself tied up and yet be part of everything in the most perfect way!

So, the worship of Sami tree here gives us the wealth, prosperity and thereby a victory! Sami tree is considered the form of Lakshmi Devi through whom we can approach the Lord who is the ultimate giver and owner of all that we need!

Our scriptures and prayers signify that any element of the nature, be it a tree or a rock, or an animal or a snake – we see the Lord’s creation and his power in them! We take every opportunity to remember that truth, worship them and ensure all of us are able to live in harmony! Understanding this truth and not merely doing the ritual is very important. May the blessings of Sami tree (Lakshmi ammavar) bestow on you great wealth and May it all be used to serve the purpose of Lord!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Vijaya Dasami


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