We all know what weeds are and what they can do to a garden. They may take away essential nutrients that lead to weakness of the main crop. Farmers get rid of weed wastes to protect their main crop.  ‘Bhagavad Vishayam’ talks about weeds in spiritual wisdom. What can they be? And how do we get rid of them?

The weeds of spiritual wisdom are two-fold:

When we come to know that God is the supreme power and is full of compassion, we may end up going in these two unwanted directions.

  1. Wisdom about God that makes you want to ask HIM for benefits other than reaching HIM
  2. Wisdom about God that makes you look for ways to reach HIM when HE is the ONLY path to reach HIM

If these are removed from our thought, action and words – then the spiritual wisdom we attained will be ‘weed-free’. It sounds simple, but we tend to think big goals will need complicated mechanisms. That need not be the case. A pure heart with gratitude, obedience and strong trust in Scriptures can put you in the arms of the Divine abode! Of course, it is only through HIS compassion that one can experience that state of ultimate bliss.

– From the ‘Bhagavad Vishayam’ discourses of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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