It’s a miracle that I ever imagined that the village will get Swamiji’s Mangalasasanams with the visit on Feb 05, 2015 and we are ever thankful for it.

Swamiji’s advice of doing bhajans at the village temple lead to discussion in the people and everyone came to a consensus to meet at a particular time. People sang the glory of God and did wonderful bhajans for 11 days from the very next day of Sri Swamiji’s visit. They are now able to see the results in the form of rains which started off since 5 days cooling the entire atmosphere from the scorching heat.

I could experience a divine hand behind the very idea which came to my mind to invite Swamiji to the village, organizing the program with the help of committed friends and finally everything going smooth. I clearly felt that HH made all the things possible using me as a tool. Additionally, the blessings are extended further by having bought Sri Rama and His Parivaram to the village Temple in the form Utsava Murthi’s which were not there earlier.

Adiyen is ever indebted to Swamiji’s Mangala:sa:sanams to have such good things happen.

* Serve All Beings As Service To God *




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