Dear Sir,

My name is Sampathirao Rama Krishna Raju, aged 45 years, R/O S.M.Puram village, etcherla mandal, srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. I am a teacher by profession.

In february 2012, I have accidentally discovered a Diety of a Hindu god, made of stone, and is certainly of very ancient in origin, In a dense plantation left abandoned in a corner of my village. By pooling all my efforts, I have collected some funds from friends and relatives to make the place decent enough for a dietey to stand. In the process, when I started the work with the help of few paid men, to my surprise, I discovered a huge well in the north east corner, fully buried. When we started cleaning the place around the diety, to re-align the position of the idol for which we tried to move it. Upon failure to move it to upright position, I thought the only possible way is to uproot it and reposition it. In that effort, when we started digging around the idol to find its base, we discovered that the deeper we go, the deeper is its root. Finally, we realized that the idol that is visible on the surface is only the tip of a huge tower like structure mounted with the diety of lord Vishnu, on top of it. Though i managed to construct a small temple worth about 10 lakhs, i think, it deserves more attention and respect.

The more we probe into it, the more we started to discover. To be precise, what we realized upon inquiry is as follows:

The village is the place of residence of Sher Khan who is a subsidiary of Moghul Rulers at central level of the country. Sher Khan, being highly intolerant to Hindu Religion, have habitually buried and demolished the magnificient Vishnu temple situated in our village, the village of his residence.

Therefore, we believe that proper excavation and necessary restoration work would bring back the past glory to one of the most ancient Vishnu temple in the region.

Thanking you
Sampathirao Rama Krishna Raju

Jai srimannarayana Rajugaru!

Recently we visited Mandasa and stayed in Srikakulam district for 5 days, visiting other places too.
Your information about the Ancient Temple is great. Let us to something for that. We wish we would have visited that temple.
We will use that chance for next time we visit the district. Meanwhile, you can meet with us whenever possible in Hyderabad, JIVA asramam, or you can meet with our Priest at Mandasa Temple Sriman Srikurmacharyulu garu and explain issues to him. He will fix up a date to visit that place.

Our mangalasasanams to you.

* Serve All Beings As Service To God *