Eyes(see) represent knowledge. Legs(walk) represent practice. Can knowledge be of any use when one does not put it in practice? Can a practise be of good use when it is not founded on right knowledge?

Knowledge and Practice are therefore to be seen as two sides of a single coin.

If a blind person can take the help of a legless one who can see, and a legless person can take the help of a blind person to walk, both can accomplish their tasks together. We are all blind at times and legless at times. If we want to live in full potential, we should be aware of both these aspects throughout life.

Lets take an example of one who cannot think right. A drunkard walks aimlessly because his brain isn’t functioning well at that moment. Such is the practice of a person who has no foundation of right knowledge.

Lets take an example of one who does not practise right. A politician (not everyone of course, Bharath is definitely the land of great leaders) who has the brain that can suggest good techniques for gaining votes, but who may not work for the well-being of the nation after winning elections. So, He has the ability to think, but his thoughts are not applied (practised) in right direction.

– Swamiji interacts with students (5th to 9th)
– 9th Feb 2019
– DivyaSaketham

prajna students

School children from Saidabad and Mahaboobnagar visited Divya Saketham today. The staff and the children were fortunate to have this unplanned session with Swamiji.

Swamiji Himself helped children recite ‘Gurur bhramha..’ sloka with correct pronunciation. A student named Vamsi was chanting it slightly incorrect. And here’s the follow-on interaction of Swamiji with the student to all our dear readers!

What is your name?


What would you do if I called you ‘Vams’ (and not Vamsi)?

I will correct you and tell my name again.

Exactly! So, chant Lord’s name also with no fault. Because each name of God carries a meaning that defines a quality of God. That meaning helps one understand Him and connect with Him. If you don’t establish the connection, How would He respond to you?If you don’t say it right, He would think it was someone else who you are calling and will be busy with other work…! (Swamiji laughs, Students laugh)