There was a man who fed his elderly parents in plates made from mud, while he ate in plates made of silver. He ill-treated them in every way. After a few years, the parents died. As they were clearing all the belongings of the parents, the son told his son to throw away the mud plates. The grandson thought for a second and told his father, ‘let me save them because I will be using them for you when you grow old.

Worship Your Parents (6)

Sri Vishvesha Thirtha Swamiji, the current Swamiji of Pejawar Matt (one of the eight mathas of Udipi) narrated this story to hundreds of students who assembled along with their parents at Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji‘s asram, JIVA.

Pejawar Swamiji said in admiration of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, “Chinna in Kannada means gold. Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has a character of gold (virtuous and divine). The way Swamiji has been spreading righteous practises is heartfully and truly appreciated by everyone. The world is being contaminated by wrong use of yantra (machinery and tools) and bad tantra (process) in every stream.  

Swamiji is cleansing it by teaching everyone the right usage of mantra (the core enabler of all tools and processes in the world). When one understands it, the world will become a better place for everyone. We come from the lineage of Jagadguru Sri Madhavacharya and Swamiji hails in the lineage of Jagadguru Bhagavad Ramanujacharya. Let us work together with love and respect for each other. Let there be peace and joy for everyone!”

As part of Deepavali and pre-Sahasra Kalasabhishem events, the asram arranged for this beautiful program named ‘Dyva Varivasya’ (worshipping parents, the divine visible forms of God). Students from the Vedic gurukul,  Netra Vidyalaya and from JIMS Medical College all assembled to perform this prayer to their parents as an act of gratitude for giving them the opportunity to see the world, and live the life they are currently leading.

One may wonder, “Is it necessary to worship parents this way? 
Love and respect are emotions in ones’ heart. 
They need not be expressed through this physical activity”

Worship Your Parents (6)
Worship Your Parents (6)

Take a flower for example: champak (sampenga in Telugu)- it’s fragrance is very pleasant and pungent. Unless and until the bud nicely grows and transitions to the flower, the fragrance does not emit. However, when the bud transitions into a flower, we won’t be able to stop the fragrance from emitting. It captivates the heart of people around it.

Take a fruit for example: mango – the colour and the smell that it gives is only appealing when its properly ripened. When it’s rightly ripened, the transition is experienced through visible characteristics of the fruit, such as colour and smell. The taste then is so yummy that everyone feels happily satisfied. 

Worship Your Parents (6)

Worship Your Parents (6)

So, if love and trust towards your parents is filled in your heart, they will be seen in the form of some action. The first action is to bow down and offer yourself to them. When the expression begins this way, a child’s relation with parents will be stable and beautiful. Such a child grows up to be someone who keeps the surrounding environment a happier place, simply because he is blessed by his parents!

Are the blessings from parents really so powerful?

Yes! This body is the representation of their love and their wish. This body is simply the result of their intention. Their happiness will automatically yield into positive results for you. Therefore, if the parents heartfully bless the children for something, it will take its shape and turn into reality. It is the duty of children to wilfully love, respect and trust their parents’ words and suggestions.

Worship your Parents.

We may not foresee the danger that they see for us. Just like the body protects its hand when it senses something hot by pulling it away, parents also try to protect the children as a part of themselves. Let’s pay attention to them and stay blessed!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
–  October 30 th 2019, Dyva Varivasya
– (

Worship your Parents.
Worship your Parents,
Worship your Parents.

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