Happy Utthana Ekadasi!  We celebrate this day as  Lord (parandhama) who is in yoga nidra on paalkadali (mighty milky ocean), wakes up after 4 months. This is why Karthika Masam is known to be a month of thejas (light/glow).

Happy Utthana Ekadasi

All  the devathas (Indra, Varuna, Surya, Agni, Vayu, etc.) long to be seen by Lord as He opens His eyes.

Venkateswara Suprabhatham says, ‘Varavethra hathotthamanga ha dwaare vasanthi…’, the dwa:ra pa:lakas (door gatekeepers) get ready to facilitate the overflow of all who reach the mighty ocean today. The gatekeepers are anxious to meet the eyes of the devotees with those of Lord’s, and ultimately be under the shade of His grace!

Lakshmi Devi also gets ready for this day.  However she is praparing a list for Lord.

What does this list contain?

For the past three months (Sraavana and Aasjweeja), we have all been praying to Lakshmi Devi, seeking her recommendation. As we pray to her during the Fridays in the month of Sraavana, and during the Devi navaratras in the month of Aashweeja, she hears all of us. It is now time for Lord to listen to Her. He willingly accepts all the recommendations she makes on account of us. All we must do is seek Her!

Happy Utthana Ekadasi

This is analogous to families where the mother is more forgiving and giving than the father is. Her nature is dominated by love (priyam) for the child, where  as the father’s nature is dominated by rightness (hitham) for the child.

Are you not sure if you are in the list?

Happy Utthana Ekadasi

There is no need to worry. Dhanurmasam is coming up soon. Goda Devi is getting ready to make sure Lord is not too strict with us. She joins Lakshmi Devi to make the recommendations stronger. These divine embodiments of love, our saviours (Lakshmi Devi, Goda Devi) are extremely compassionate. All we must do is let their compassion reach us.  We should strive to open our hearts, speak to them, express ourselves to them and seek their support. They are the closest to God and are ready to listen to all of us! What else do we need?

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– November 7 th , 2019
– Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanotsavam, Sriman Venu ji’s house
– Khaja Guda

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jai sree chinna jeeyar swamine namaha . yes we eagerly await swami’s dhanurmaasa bhashanam .


Jai srimannarayana dear swamiji
Pallandu pallandu