Mother: Swamiji, my son is not at all paying attention to God. He does not care about being devoted to God. He is too involved in his games on phone, with friends, watching movies etc.

Swamiji: Ok, let’s talk to him. [Mother brings the son to Swamiji. Swamiji initiates a conversation and teaches a small mantra to the son and asks him to recite it every day for three minutes]

Son: [Somehow develops interest in the knowledge about God after certain days of meditation on the given mantra]

Mother: [Sees the son being quite involved and curious in learning about God. Sees a transformation in the son where he is now more at peace, wanting to work for non-materialistic objectives etc]

Mother: Swamiji, my son is not at all thinking about himself. He always either meditates or helps someone. He has no planning for his future.


Kowsalya has given birth to Sri Rama. Kaikeyi has given birth to Bharatha. Sumitra Devi has given birth to two sons, Lakshamana and Shatrugna. Who was the happiest mother among the three? Kowsalya and Kaikeyi filled their minds with a motive about the well-being of only their son. Sumitra Devi submitted one son towards dharma (by directing him to serve Rama) and another son towards desam (by directing him to serve Bharatha). She was the happiest. She carried out her responsibility with grace and remained a proud mother!

Allow your children to grow beyond taking care of just themselves. When one encompasses the entire world in themselves, their self is also part of the entire world – and so, they will automatically attain the joy and peace with whatever they want to do for the world. Learning eternal knowledge, the knowledge about self and supreme, wanting to serve nation because it means more to them than themselves is something that every mother should be proud of! This is what our rushis taught us. Build right knowledge about oneself and broaden the scope to encompass family, society, nature and God into oneself to make the individual complete.

Encourage your children to have such SINGLE AIM: ‘PRACTISE THE WISDOM SHARED BY RUSHIS’. One should focus on that SINGLE AIM with TWO EYES:

  • Right thought (alochana)                 
  • Action aligned to the right thought (acharana)

Rushis are the scientists of eternal knowledge, and have passed on to us a life style that allows oneself to become a complete being. Pass on those practices to them. This is the wealth that a mother should give to her children. If she does not do this, having children is equivalent to just removal of waste from your body!!! Sorry to say this, but it is true!

When you don’t know what is right and wrong – the answer lies in Vedam, the wisdom shared by Rushis.

Mothers, raise your children to enhance the understanding of life holistically by adapting the practices prescribed by Vedam. If you are not sure of those practices, it’s never too late. Begin now and seek support from a true acharya.

– Vijayawada, at an event called Matru Vandanam
– Performed by Sri Rama Chandra Garu towards his 75-year old
– Mother, Sri Rangamma Garu

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,