“29th April, 2015”

Finally, today the last Daaru (Neem Tree) from which the Idol of LORD JAGANNATH will be made has been decalared which was located in Kharipuria village of Raghunathpur district. All the three Neem Trees of Sri Balabhadraji, Subhadra Devi ji and now Lord Jagannath have been identified in Jagatsinghpur district.

With the Divine blessings, visited the village and took darshan of Neem Tree and it gave us immense pleasure to have taken darshan of all four Neem Trees viz; Sri Sudarshan, Sri Balabhadraji, Subhadra Devi and Lord Jagannath. The closes darshan has been felt in this village and the symbols which is a criteria to identify the tree are very much there and visible and they are
a. Shanka, Chakra, Gada,
b. A symbol very much resembling the head and tusk of Elephant is prominently protruded on the tree.
c. A temple close to it there.
d. Sahara and Varun trees are almost next to this tree is found.
e. Shelter of Snake is at the bottom of the tree can be seen.
To our utter surprise an Owl was found to be sitting on the top branch. On enquiry it is told by the villagers that the Owl is sitting for last week or so. Its is also told by the locals as well as in some local TV channel that No birds are taken shelter on this tree for years and this tree is expected to be of more than 70+ years. As the small temple is there, Puja and Bhajans are taking place by the locals. Large number of people visiting for taking darshan since it has been identified and came to the knowledge of people. Many people from outside the State have also visited and taken darshan of this holy tree. The leaf of the tree is not bitter as it is found in other Neem Tree. The Neem Tree of Sri Jagannath is in Dark, Little light of Sri Balabhadraji and Subhadra Devi’s tree is in Yellow/Chandan colour.

Some experiences of people appeared in the local Newspaper are given for information as to how the devotees are Blessed and care taken for the tree and its property.

1. At the place of Sri Sudarshan (the first Neem Tree) – After 2/3 days Puja/ Yagams/Homam, the tree is cut with usual rituals of touching the Gold and Silver cutter. The tree has grounded and few local people dared to take the leaves and small branches of tree with them and kept in their Puja room. They never knew they invited trouble with them. Snakes followed them and they found that the snake is found in their Puja room where the piece of tree and leaves are kept. Scared with the situation, they prayed the Lord and took all leaves and bit the wood to the place from where they picked up.

2. A family came from very distance and an old lady devotee of the family was also with them. Though she has lots of problems in walking and was sure she could not make it, still she desired to take darshan of the Neem Tree of Sri Jagannath. People need to walk atleast 4/5 kms as the approaching road leading to the tree and village is too narrow and visitors are at large. They were planning as to how they can reach the tree with the old lady. A gentleman on the bike stopped and offered his services and asked the old lady to sit as assured to take her to the tree. With lots of happiness she went and took darshan though amidst large crowd. Though worred regarding her back to vehicle, she started slowly back to her car and knew it is very difficult. The person brought her appeared without motorcycle but handed over the lady to one who was with him. Once she reached back and to her car. its said that she had never been on any bike whatsoever. She has not told her feeling and journey, but she said that one who took to the Need tree was dark in colour and the one brought back near her vehicle was fair in colour and it left all with a question who are those two helped her visit close to Neem Tree. (Sri Jagannath and Sri Balabhadra… ?)

After all rituals viz; Homam, Yagams are performed, today finally at 8.15 pm, the Holy Neem Tree is grounded and after proper cutting of tree, the Holy wood (Daaru) would be taken to Sri Mandir, Puri in a week’s time.

GOD and His miracles are great. Jai Jagannath Jai Srimannarayana. See attached photos for Darsan.

* Serve All Beings As Service To God *

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