Modern scientists and technologists must embrace ancient wisdom to ensure we do not make “advancements” that harm the foundation of all life in existence. Vedic wisdom aims at the overall well-being of all races, all communities, all species and even all time-periods. Unfortunately, we have lost the majority of this rich wisdom, but the beauty is that its fundamentals are imbibed in various available texts. To full experience this wisdom, we must:

  • Respect, understand and believe 
  • Approach experts and follow their advice
  • Preserve and protect what’s remaining
  • Practice these recommendations for a greater global good

Our rushis (ancient scientists) did not compromise on overall health of the system for the sake of only one part. Their lifestyle neither adversely impacted nature nor did they restrict themselves to only the material plane

Modern mankind’s lifestyle choices and accompanying technology solutions are destroying nature. The ozone layer has been in-tact for millions of years. Simply over the course of 100 years, we have created a massive, harmful hole in this protective sheath over Earth.

Most common people are happy with simple clothing, basic food and protective shelter. It is the others (higher officials in science, business, politics and all stake-holders of policy making) who must pause and make use of ancient wisdom to give better solutions for the world’s growing resource demands.

Let’s look at a couple of examples from ancient history which show how advanced their abilities were compared to what we have now. 

Statisticians of ancient times

Ancient Wisdom must drive Our Policies

Close to 17.6 lakh years ago, history shows a detailed incident of heavy statistics with high precision and accuracy. Ravan sent his data science spies, Suka and Sarana to understand the strength of his opponent, Sri Rama. They reported that thousands of mahowghas are lead by each Vanara and all of them are marching towards Lanka to wage war. 

A Mahowgha = 1065 as mentioned in Ramayana. Vedas mention figures as high as 10423. These figures from ancient scriptures depict analysis far beyond the magnitude of our current measures. 

Addressing large gatherings

Krishna Devaraya had a battalion of armed forces. He used to address them all simultaneously. There were no electric microphones available in those days. There must have been some mechanism which is far more efficient and better than what we currently use. They did not abuse or misuse natural resources as we currently do with the unethically harvesting of non-solar electricity.

Land formation – Satellite view of the Earth

Land formation – Satellite view of the Earth !
Land formation – Satellite view of the Earth !
Land formation – Satellite view of the Earth !
Land formation – Satellite view of the Earth !

Satellites were created in the last 75 years, but ancient scriptures describe the shape of Earth prior to even tectonic plates dividing it into seven continents. If someone must describe Earth’s shape from top-down point of view, one would think there is a need for a satellite to see Earth. We have, however, Vedic texts describing land formation since close to 2000 million years ago! What mechanism did our rushis use to give us a top-down view of the Earth?

All time-immemorial knowledge throughout history was preserved in scriptural form. Unfortunately, they were burnt and stolen by other communities who strived for their supremacy. We must learn, practice and preserve what we have left.

We may wonder, Why was the wisdom only preserved in scriptural form. Why wasn’t it taught and shared with everyone as a practical implementation model!?

Here’s an example: in ancient days, some people learned about a technology that could control an object through its own shade! Simhika (a demon) used this against Hanuman. Hanuman then destroyed that ability in her because it was being used for wrong purposes.Sages believed in sharing wisdom with those who live a principled and righteous life. Let’s all embrace this Vedic wisdom pledging to use it for the betterment of everyone, and not for unrighteous purposes.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
– November 8 th , 2019
– Sakshathkar Book release Event
– Bangalore, Karnataka

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was invited with great reverence by Mahan Bharath Abhiyan to release a book titled ‘SAAKSHAATHKAR’. The book is authored by Sriman Lakshmi Tatachariyar, a professor and research scientist proving the strength of ancient wisdom through experiments. Ex-Chief Justice of India Sriman M N Venkatachaliah attended the event as an honourable guest. Sriman Narayanacharyulu who leads Mahan Bharath Abhiyan MC’ed the for the evening. It was a treat for the brain and the heart for everyone assembled!

Sakshathkar Book release Event

Sriman Jagdish ji and Usha ji hosted Swamiji and invited all those interested. In Usha ji’s words: “one can only experience Swamiji’s presence, it is not easy to put it in words. However, I just want to say – I feel like I am giving the greatest gift to my revered father who served the nation by hosting Swamiji on the day of Ayodhya verdict. It’s a sheer blessing to be associated with Swamiji.”