To all the artists (contemporary and traditional musicians, dancers, writers, sculptors, painters, actors, singers) – Swamiji’s blessing exclusively for you here! To all the art lovers – Swamiji’s advise here for you!

Air doesn’t beg one to breathe it.

Sun doesn’t beg one to use its light.

Rain doesn’t beg one to collect water.

God doesn’t beg one to know Him. A soul is truly alive¹ only when it experiences the knowledge of God.

Art keeps sowmyatvam(softness), lalityam(warmth), vinayam(obedience) of a soul’s heart alive!

Therefore, society needs art and not vice-versa. Arts bring warmth into ones hearts. They can smoothen one’s rough day. They can pacify a painful situation. So, one should always honour artists and have concern for their well-being.

Are you person who is seriously working round the clock? But, life is richer and beautiful when its a medley of good emotions.

  • It should encompass ‘Smart and hard work’ along with ‘being in love’.
  • One should work for ‘right knowledge’ with a ‘sense of humour’.
  • One should aim for ‘peaceful state of mind’ with a ‘fun loving attitude’.
  • One should share ‘joy with everyone’ and be ‘highly energetic’!

Only a softer heart can experience such combination of beautiful emotions. Art has the capability to soften one’s heart for such experience. Encouraging artists is therefore a responsibility of the society. It is for the benefit of everyone that artists have all necessary infrastructure, environment to enrich their skills and impart it to everyone interested. Thereby, the entire society is filled with beauty of an artist’s mind.

It requires immense love for God in an artist to dedicate his/her skill ONLY to the works of God – the ultimate purpose of any skill. Renowned artist, Shobha Raju Garu who is here on the dais today has dedicated her skill only to Annamacharya keerthanalu, songs and that’s wonderful!

Kamanduri Ramachari garu is also one such lead artist (music composer, teacher, singer) who heads Little Musicians Academy, LMA (a free of cost music academy). On his 55th birthday today, it is nice to see all his students, old and young, famous and rich come together to congratulate him on his hard yet very fulfilling journey in the music industry. He dedicated a lot of his time, resources to devotional music. We appreciate his good heart and bless Him for many more years of serving the world of music with more and more energy!

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
-55th Birthday of Ramachary Garu
-Event at Ravindra Bharathi
-22nd Jan 2019

1 – Soul is always alive; However, the life of a soul is in its full potential when the soul is blessed with the knowledge of God.