Jeeyar Satha:bdi |May 10th 2009

Jai Srimannarayana...! Today is the 10th of May, the last day of our Jeeyar Satha:bdi celebrations in Sriram Nagar. In the Sri Kodandarama, Sri Ranganatha Sri Vaikuntana:ttha temple here the ruthwiks under the guidance of Sri Samudrala Srinivasacharya and Sri

Jeeyar Satha:bdi |May 9th 2009

Today the 9th morning se:va:ka:lam and sa:thumurai are done in the newly consecrated Kodandarama Temple. Swamis distributed the divine theertham to all followed by prasa:da go:shti. As directed by HH people followed the instructions during the go:shti. In the Ishti

Jeeyar Satha:bdi |May 8th 2009

Jai Srimannarayana...! Se:va:ka:lam / Theertha Ghosti Today, the 10th day of Jeeyar Satha:bdi Mahotsava coincided with Nrusimha Jayanthi. Swamiji explained the reason why Lord Srimannarayana took the incarnation of Narasimha. It was to show the ‘Bhagvath thathvam’ (Nature of God).