‘May God bless you’, ‘I wish you all the very best’, ‘I will pray for you’ – These are some statements that we hear when one person wishes good for another. Do such wishes really help? Can they bring a difference?

Let’s see a very good example from history. You may feel that historical events may not be relevant in these times, but it’s not true – Read through and you will understand! Its really amazing to see how this history shows the way one person’s life took a remarkable change because of another person’s wish.

Yamunacharya is great acharya. He wished that Ramanujacharya become an exemplary acharya of the future, who can help people understand the Vedic philosophy in its true state.

Yamuncharya looked at Ramanujacharya from a long distance and said, ‘Aa mudalvan ivan!’ (He is the future acharya). Yamunacharya passed away after that. Ramanujacharya did not even see Yamuncharya alive. As time went by, his wish came true!

One of Yamuncharya’s sishyas (named Mahapurna) told Ramanujacharya that Yamuncharya wished him to the future acharya protecting the true state of knowledge as depicted in Vedam through three main activities.

  • Commentary on Bramha Sutras, now termed as Sri Bhashyam
  • Spread the glory of great rushis like Vyasa and Parasara
  • Spread the deepest secrets of knowledge through commentary on Thiruvaymoji

Ramanujacharya lived his entire life working on these three main activities. He has since then been  regarded as Jagadacharya and the head of Ubhaya Vibhuthis (the two worlds – this temporary and that permanent)

If such a strong good wish is made (sankalpa balam), God then takes the form of that wish and works to fulfil it. He converts the wish to necessary skills and positive surroundings. The skills in the person and the positive atmosphere transform the wish into reality…!

Are we capable of such wishes? Close your eyes and think for a moment on how much of your time today was spent in such good thoughts – need not be highly philosophical or spiritual. It can be as simple and pure as helping a person in need at physical level, or emotional level. It can be as simple and pure as living in unison with nature, such as not over-exploiting it for our greedy comforts. It can be as simple and pure as following certain principles that are proven to keep your health of the body and mind in sattvic state (peaceful and pleasant).

To all those who wish for such beautiful thoughts to come true… – World thanks you!

To all those who want to begin wishing for such beautiful thoughts… – World welcomes you!

To all those who are not ready yet for such wishes and is happy with one’s own desires… – World is waiting for you!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

– Warangal, Sri Yagam, 9th December 2018

Swamiji said, ‘Mudumbai Ramanujacharya of Warangal who could have lived a very luxurious life, or a very strong political life has given up all that. He spent time in spreading the Vedic wisdom and practices because he did not want to miss the opportunity of playing his role in carrying the practises to younger generation. He experienced the greatness of these scriptures.

He made a wish that I grow up to be a good practitioner of Vedic philosophy. He wished that I spread the true meanings of Vedic literature as given by Purvacharyas, the lineage of acharyas. I want to be truly thankful to him for wishing such a good thought. That is why, I wanted to spend time these three days in Sri Yagam at Warangal and am happy to be participating in Sri Yagam being conducted in his memory.’