Dec 2nd 2014

Today,  thousands of devotees celebrated Gi:tha Jayanthi along with HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in Vijayawada PWD Grounds. After distribution of thi:rttham at 8:30 am, HH gave a brief introduction about the origin of Bhagawad Gi:tha.

Though Gi:tha was revealed on the first day of Margasi:rsha month, it was revealed to the world only on the 11th day of Ma:rgasi:rsha month. Dhritharashtra asked Sanjaya about the happenings of war on the 11th day since the battle began. Until then, Dhritharashtra was confident that Kauravas would win the war as Bhi:shma:cha:rya was on their side. So he did not care to ask about the details. But when he heard that Bhishma was hit, he was shocked. Then, he summoned Sanjaya who was given the divine vision by Lord Krushna and ordered him to tell what happened in the war.  Thus, Sanjaya revealed Bhagawad Gi:tha which was given as Upadesam by Lord Krushna to Arjuna to remind him of his duty and fight the war.

Hence, we celebrate Gi:tha Jayanthi on Ma:rgasi:rsha Sukla Ekadasi – 11 th day .

All the 18 chapters were chanted. Prasadam and Harathi was offered to Lord after every chapter. HH Sri Swamiji gave a sweet, crisp and beautiful summary of every chapter after recitation of the same. The whole pandal was filled with devotees. Many went upto the yajna sala , sat there and participated seeing the close circuit TV.

Many scholars and dignitaries too joined the chanting of Bhagawad Gi:tha. It was a feast to eyes and ears to see so many devotees gathering at a place and praying to Lord Krushna to bless everyone with prosperity.

Later, all the dignitaries and volunteers were honored by Sri Swamiji. The whole Vijayawada felt blessed and sad at the same time that 9 days flew away in no time. They sent off Sri Swamiji with a heavy heart and expressed their wish to see Sri Swamiji soon and participate in volunteering activities. HH Sri Swamiji offered managalasasanams to everyone.


Jai Srimannarayana


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