What originated in Wuhan, a province in China has now become a global pandemic impacting the lives of everyone in the world. This is one of the ill effects of the current version of globalization. If the countries are not connected in such a way, coronavirus would have been contained in China alone. But, that disconnect with the globe means losing all the advantages of globalization. Is the disconnect worth? Or Is there a midway?  

How can we amend globalisation strategy to benefit us from its advantages, and keep us away from such disadvantages? Is there anything that rushis advised that we have forgotten and therefore put ourselves in such a vulnerable state?     

Is now the right time to raise such questions instead of focusing on finding ways to reduce the impact of the deadly virus?

It is a recommended practice for all the loved ones of a deceased person to listen to ‘Garuda pura:nam’ or ‘Archira:di margam’. Even as we mourn the loss of loved one, we spend time in learning from such wisdom. We understand realities of life better in such times than at other normal times.

Thus, it is indeed right time for policy makers to look up to our ancient wisdom and amend the principles and strategy of globalisation. It is the right time for everyone involved in shaping globalisation to pause and think. Contemplate on what is it that you are giving up for the sake of something that you may not even value at certain point of time, such as now!

Our scriptures always referred to entire existence as one family, Vasudaika Kutumbakam. What does that mean? It does not mean that we travel around the globe, forget our natural lifestyle passed on by our rushis through practises and culture and impose someone else’s way of living. 

We do not condemn that everything else is wrong. But, everything else is not right for us. It could be right for others for whom such practises are naturally passed onto them from their ancestors. Such practises are generally prescribed because of the position of land, the climate, the cultural belonging etc. 

Thus, it is always advised to practice your dharma as passed onto you by elders and respect others. So, go on and do your business with your counterpart in other sections of the world, respect their tradition but don’t give up your practises and values. If there is anything that you feel like you can learn from others which does not deviate from the soul of your dharma, then you can practise it.

This is the idea of Globalisation that our rushis practised. Don’t you think it’s time to go back to it?

Example: A butterfly feeds on honey from a flower. There is pollen, and other parts of the flower that it has access to. But, it does not touch any of it. 

We are born on this part of the land for a reason, and for a solid wonderful reason. Preserve it. Learn from an erudite scholar, seek guidance if you are not sure of any practise. Our rushis practised routines throughout the day that are exceptionally enriching for not just the journey of soul in the current body, but also for a permanent blissful time with almighty.

The routines suggest simple natural lifestyle leading one to be humble, responsible, practical, respectful of nature and above all devoted to the Supreme. The routines can be the way we greet each other, or the way we worship the Deity form of God. They could be our food habits, the way we dress or the education system. There is a certain mechanism for each activity that has underlying wisdom from Vedas, or its essence – the Bhagavad Githa. Any habit or practise that deviates from the values taught in our scriptures will be proved to be unhealthy, if not today… tomorrow! 

Therefore, ponder on globalisation. Bring back the natural routines as prescribed by rushis. This will let us pace our speed and give a right direction to life. What we have today is an extreme version of globalisation that is sacrificing the natural lifestyle, making us vulnerable to any kind of ‘virus’! What do you think? 

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– For all of you to discuss, analyse, and retrospect
– As we suffer from ‘Hiranyaksha’ / ‘Hiranyakasipa’ of today, the Corona Virus!

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