After the Mahabharatha war, Krushna was ready to take leave. He approached Kunthi Devi to seek permission. She said, ‘Are you leaving because you cleared the difficult times for us? If so, I would prefer continued difficult times so that you won’t leave us Krushna!’

When God took form as Krushna, He fulfilled many objectives. However, the common goals of any avatar are to protect good people so that they are not hindered from leading a righteous life and to remove wrong perceptions of the ultimate knowledge that governs the existence! During Krushna avatar, He spent time with his devotees, truth seekers, sages, good people and removed their obstacles. He gave away the ultimate guide to human life with no reference to any specific religion or community – the Bhagavad Geetha! The two goals were achieved and hence, it was time to leave.

He began to step out. Utthara, the daughter in law of Kunti Devi heard the news. She hurried, reached Him and pleaded, ‘I feel a burning sensation in my stomach because of the radiation from the weaponry used in war. I am worried about the baby’ He went inside and stayed till she delivered the baby. However, the baby did not move – was lifeless. Kunthi Devi asked Krushna, ‘The war killed all the grandsons. Should this lineage end with pandavas?’ Krushna then said,

  • “If I have always been only truthful (satyasandha) AND
  • If I have never deviated from the vows of bramhacharyam (askhalitha bramhachari) AND
  • If I am the controller of the entire existence (sarva niyantrutvam),

then, may the baby come alive!”

And the baby took his first breath! The baby began to look all around. When asked, the baby said – ‘I am looking for the amazing one holding a flute and guarding me when I was inside the womb!’ What a wonder! Sages named the baby, Parikshith – Pari, meaning ‘all around’ and Eekshith meaning ‘to watch’. Parikshith is the FIRST monarch of the Bharatha varsham, about 5,200 years ago. On the day when Krushna left this world in that mesmerizing beautiful form, there was a tsunami that split the land into further distances. But, otherwise the then land of Bharatha was not limited to the current physical structure of India!

Look at the three statements he made, Krushna thatvam is not easy to understand. Didn’t he lie to his mother about stealing butter? Didn’t he tease the gopikas? Didn’t he love Neela Devi? Was he not intimate with the 8 mahishis, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavathi…! How did the baby come alive despite all the naughty things (although harmless) he did that negate the statements he made? You need vishudhamayina manasu, a clean pure heart to comprehend Krushna thatvam. Also, when it comes to understanding God and His deeds – what you see is not what exists and what you feel is not what it means! So, there is no other way to understand the Krishna thatvam than to seek the experienced. These experienced elders live around you but what they see is different from you see!

Sri Jayanthi

Krushna avatar is very close to our times! Although God exists everywhere and all the time, He takes a form. Just like one needs a bulb or a device to actualise the current, He also appears takes a form, so we can actualise Him! So, lets be lovingly thankful to the sweetest, Krushna avatar and immerse ourselves in his divine deeds!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Sri Jayanti (Sri Krishna Janmastami)

Dr. Samudrala Rangaramanujacharya jiStructure your heart in a way that it can experience the aanand, the bliss! Your heart is very important in this path to bliss. Krushna shared the knowledge on thatva (nature of existence, soul and himself) in Bhagavad Geetha, and He gave the upasana kramam (the way to meditate) in Uddhava Geetha! When two nations were in conflict during cold war, a gathering at Chicago convention suggested referring to Bhagavad Geeta. One may question that Krushna approved of a war than peaceful protest. But, remember that He made all efforts to avoid war. However, it becomes a duty to fight a rightful war and free the world from evil. Bhagavad Geeta is the ultimate knowledge base that clearly instructs and guides a human being! What else do we need to understand His grace, why are we not embracing it and why are we still considering God as a part of life and not the life!?

-From Dr. Samudrala Rangaramanujacharya ji

Sri Krishnmacharya jiAagma sastra named this day as Sri Jayanti. It is the day when the lost treasure is returned. Alwars, devotees have all sung in praise of Sri Krushna because of the great quality, the accessibility! Brundavan was referred to as a forest full of thorns. Krushna turned such a land into a prosperous place with only one tool, love!

-From Sri Krishnmacharya ji, Nepal

Vaisarada jiKrushna’s birth can happen in your heart if we have right conduct guided by ashtakshari mantra. Krushna kills several demons resembling the elimination of ignorance, ego and other unwanted thoughts that block Him from leading your heart! Let that Krushna take birth in our hearts and may we all lead life the way He instructs us.

-From Sri Vaisaradi ji