31st Oct 2016

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s Tirunakshathra Mahothsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at JIVA Campus on 31.10.2016. Devotees attended in thousands from different places and countries. Early in the morning, Swamiji was given mangalaharathi by Ammagaru. After sunrise, HH Swamiji took the blessings of Divya Saketha Perumal and reached Sravana Mandapam.

A group of 5 students came from Houston and Boston and six students from My Home Jewel, Hyderabad  to perform Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Avadhanam.  Audience were awestruck by the verbal, memory feats of the kids.  Vysaradi Ji, Sathya ji, and Santhi ji trained them under the directions of HH Sri Swamiji. Vysaradi ji conducted avadhanam very efficiently under various categories. The devotees asked for the sloka of a particular number and the number for a sloka;  sloka by giving the first word or the last word, 4 slokas starting from a particular sloka skipping a particular number of slokas in between, preceding or following it like – when devotees asked for slokas 45+4 they said 45, 49, 53, 57 slokas and for 45-4 they chanted  45, 41, 37, 33 slokas, immediately. Their answers were always instant and immediate faster than a computer. They could give the exact sloka for a particular star and quarter to chant daily to get good results and get rid of the bad influence of planetary positions.  All the dignitaries and audience gave them all a standing ovation.

Later Jyothi Prajwalana with done with Vedic Chanting by Swamijis and dignitaries.

Many invitees spoke on the glory of our acharya and offered their obeisance with reverence on his Shashti Sphu:rthi. Some rendered their compositions. Mr. Jonnavithula entertained all with his song on Jeeyar Swamy.

Jeeyar Award presentation ceremony took place on the occasion of Jeeyar Thirunakshatram as done every year.  The main awardee is Bramhasri G.S. Gurunathan Ghanapatti,  G. Suryanarayana Salakshana Ghanapatti and Ravuri Leelasuka Manoj Sukla Yajurveda Ghanapati just 17 yrs old who is the youngest were also felicitated for their excellence.

Later HH felicitated them all with scarfs, momentoes etc., Towards the end, Swamiji was showered with the divine waters of 108 kalasas previously worshiped in the Bramha Yajna by the ruthwiks amid the Vedic chanting. HH returned to the dais after an hour to receive the Divyade:sa marya:das. Thirukkoshtiyur Madhavan brought from about 80 divyadesas and many more came from various other temples. Devotees cheered HH chanting Jai Srimannarayana when he shined brilliantly in different colored pure silk cloths and grand garlands. The grand celebration concluded with the padapuja of Swamiji by Ahobila Jeeyar Swamy, Devanatha Jeeyar Swamy, J. Rameswar Rao garu, vedic students and many more. All enjoyed a suptuous prasada ghoshti and enjoyed the bliss of the day.

Dignitories and Chief Guests:
Sri Sriramachandra Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji
Sri Ashtakshari Jeeyar Swamiji
Sri Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swamiji
Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji
Sri Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji
Sri U.Ve. Smn. Dr. S.N.C. Raghunathacharya Swami
Sri U.Ve. Smn. Dr. S.V. Rangaramanujacharya Swami

Smn. Dr. J. Rameswar Rao garu
Smn. Gokaraju Gangaraju garu, M.P
Smn. Jupalli Krishna Rao garu, M.L.A
Smn. Ch. Ramchandra Reddy garu, M.L.A
Smn. Uttham Kumar garu, M.L.A
Smn. Koteswar Rao garu, S.P(C.I.D)

Sriman Suman Cine Actor

Smn. Jonnavithula

and many more attended on this auspicious occasion.

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