God’s grace is beautiful, flawless and unquestionable! It embraced even Putana, who fed the little Krushna with poison. One may wonder how Putana attained liberation from karma after such an evil act!

It is said that God’s natural traits stay with him no matter what form he takes. When he was on this land as little Krushna, Putana came down obeying orders of Kamsa to kill him. She was very determined to feed the poison ONLY to Him. (Poor did she know that she is aiming to cut the branch of a tree on which she is seated, i.e. If something happens to Krushna, the entire existence is at stake including hers own!) When she fetched him and took him closer, something magical happened at the last moment! His natural traits began playing their role with her!

That last moment when Krushna’s mouth almost latched on to her and she could do nothing but watch him, that moment completely transformed her! She felt that she was committing a mistake, she felt guilty and sorry! That is the magic of his natural traits, his grace! It is only natural that fire burns cotton, same way, His grace begins transforming the soul!

The feeling was so extreme and painful to her that all the acquired karma out of her evilness (sins) until that moment got burnt into ashes! The next moment, she felt extremely elated that she was feeding Krushna! She forgot what she was feeding or what her task was. She was immersed in joy of holding little Krushna! This extreme joy burnt away all the acquired karma out of her good actions (credits) until that moment. Both her sins and her credits are experienced in those last moments! She was left with no more karma to experience and thus she attained the abode of Lord Srimannarayana!

How glorious and magical are his deeds!!

Nammalwar is worried that he could not seek Lord’s abode because he felt himself to be full of misdeeds! He sings out confessing that he is even more horribly sinful than Putana! However, Lord tells him that His own existence makes sense only when He accepts everyone, no matter how sinful one is! The only thing that matters is sincerity.

If one is extremely sinful and it is all directed to God, that’s ok. If one is extremely in fear and all that fear is directed about God, that’s still ok. If one is extremely angry and all that anger is directed to God, that’s also ok! If the emotional attachment is ONLY with God, you are already in liberation from all other bondage! Sincerity here reflects on how the emotional attachment is ONLY with God, and no-one else or towards nothing else. Rest is taken care by Him just like how he transformed Putana in the last moments! Other examples include Kams, Sishupal, Mareecha.

Now, how can one live happily without being emotionally attached to anything or anyone? It’s possible! When you look at someone, go beyond what you can see and trust that the same God who is supporting you is also the supporter of the other person. Your task with that person is now about working together for a greater purpose than working only for yourself!

– From the Bhagavad Vishayam discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, 30th July 2018!

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