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Dhanurmasam : Dhanurmasam is the most auspicious month when sun enters the dhanur rasi. As per the lunar calendar it is Margasi:rsha – month when Krushna Himself declared that among all months he is the Margasi:rsha month.

About 5000 years ago, Mother Goda Devi incarnated and taught us how to serve the Lord along with all the devotees. Goda devi said that good time has came and its time to take a shower in auspicous qualities of Lord. She sang 30 songs in Tamil called “Tiruppavai” glorifying the Lord divine attributes

How Do We Celebrate Dhanurmasam?
[The prayer that reminds us of the great compassion of the mother, God Devi – also called as ‘Task Master’ by our beloved Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami]

  1. The daily morning routine like sna:nam and anushtta:nam should be completed first; then perform pu:ja to Lord Krushna, Go:da and all others as usual.
  2. Offer havis as naïve:dyam. It is also called pongali. Cook rice and green dal together. Add some black pepper. This is offered to deity followed by ha:rathi.
  3. Now, you bring Go:da to a front seat organized specially, as if she is leading us to the Lord. Then we perform go:da ashto:ththara satha na:ma pu:ja to her.
  4. Giving ha:rathi to her, we start chanting specific songs like Guru Parampara, then Thiruppalli ezhuchi, to wake up Lord Rangana:ttha, and then 28 songs of Thiruppa:vai.
  5. Then we offer some prasadam to the Lord and Go:da as well. May be dadhi yo:danam. (yogurt rice, or sweet rice on special days ).
  6. While giving Ha:rathi, we sing 24th song first and then normal slo:kas. It is then we chant remaining 29th & 30th songs of thiruppa:vai as Sa:ththu murai or Sa:nthi pa:ttam.
  7. Go:da de:vi sung one song every day in front of God. So, we sing that days’ song while giving ha:rathi. Today we sing 1st song. Tomorrow 2nd…like that.
  8. Immediately there is a para which says: ‘go:dai piranda vu:r – go:vindan va:zhumu:r, so:di mani ma:dam tho:nrumu:r………….vaiyyam sumappadum vambu’ . There we end.
  9. Then we distribute thi:rttham to all. We chant regular chantings like ‘sarva de:sa dasa:ka:le:shu avya:hatha para:krama:..’
  10. After that if possible there are two stho:thras we chant. 1. Go:da chathus slo:ki, 2 Rangana:ttha ashtakam.
  11. Finally, we try to understand the meaning of that days’ pa:suram ( go:da’s song) in our own way possible and enjoy sharing the meanings to everyone.
Important point to remember is, we try to finish all this process as early as possible in the morning and then take prasadam and again till sunset we don’t eat food.
Depending upon the necessity we may take some prasadam after sunset. The program dhanur ma:sam ends with the go:da kalya:nam.

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