When we say GOD – It implies Lord Vishnu. Many people around the world, even qualified professors of religious studies, think that Hinduism follows Polytheism – Worshipping of several Gods.
But the fact is we are not a polytheist religion.

GOD is ONE for all. For the entire creation and mankind. There is no “your” God / “my” God. Such references are born out of ignorance. Some have realized the Ultimate Truth and the Nature of the Supreme Being; Few others have not got the insight to see beyond!

Ve:dam also mentions and refers to only one GOD. Whom we call as  “de:vathas”, are not actually different Gods. They do not actually mean a new GOD or a small GOD!

GOD is just One. – A personified being with a divine transcendental body.  

De:vathas means – God’s body parts.
anga a:nyanya  devatha a:ha sa a:tma

All the de:vathas are HIS body. They form the “Angas” (Body parts) God is “angi” – HE who has the parts.

Lets try to understand this better.

If anyone did any honour to any part of our body, it means they are doing it to ‘us’. We are the holders of our body parts. It is not separate from us. And yet it is distinct. It ceases to exist without us. Yet it has its own identity. Any harm, or honour done to any part of the body, is being done to us actually. It is we who receive the results of pain or joy. If anyone puts a garland over our neck…they honor “us” and not the neck !  

This is the relationship of all de:vathas with God. We should not separate them from God (Srimannarayana) Most of us separate the angas from the angi and worship them as if they are independent entities ! But they are not.  

So Hinduism is Monotheism. And not Polytheism. Lets be aware of this fact not only for the sake of knowledge, but also while actually worshipping the de:vathas. So how should we actually understand the “monotheist” nature of the Supreme Being? And how should we pray to “Anaya De:vathas” ?

Lets say, you are participating in a Ya:gam or the doer of the Ya:gam. What should be your thinking while pouring offerings to anya de:vathas who are part of the Sacrifice?

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– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji