Annual Tirupavai Sadas was held in Chennai by the Chennai Vikasa Tarangini committee members.

Every year during the holy month of Dhanurmasam (Margazhi), eminent speakers ascend the dais to deliver their sermon (Discourse). At the same time, each of them dwelve upon the various aspects, teachings and importance of Tiruppavai at the Sadas organized by Jeeyar Educational Trust and Vikasatarangini, Chennai.

During this sadas Tiruppavaiyal Parathvati panchakam was discussed by the Vidwans. Vidwans have talked on various topics like ‘para, vyuha , vibhava, archa, and antaryami’. The great scholars have mentioned that the whole essence of the Vedas can be found in Tiruppavai. President Sriman Ravi Reddy garu and commitee members have honored the scholars. After the sadas, commitee members have chanted Vishnu Sahasranamam for the well being of Swamiji.

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