God granted salvation to even Pu:thana who wanted to give poison to Krushna. [Pu:thana was a she-demon who conspired to kill Krushna. ]

Sisupa:la who abused God – attained salvation. [Sisupala was a jealous King who despised Krushna immensely.]

What more can we expect from Swamy ? He has blessed the antagonists too!

Even if we are angry with Swamy and we scold HIM for our sufferings, Swamy is still compassionate towards us. There are never any negative results – prathyava:yo na vidyathe

There is a small incident, mentioned in Vedas.

Once, a sage wanted to destroy Indra out of revenge. So he began to perform a Ve:dic sacrifice with powerful incantations. He made the offerings into the fire by chants which had a meaning of destruction for Indra; But instead of chanting the Ve:dic manthra correctly to the intended meaning, he wrongly stressed one Ve:dic syllable (swaram), making the meaning of incantations, such that it would mean victory for Indra!

The results had to come for all his great efforts and will! At the end of the penance, the sage, did attain the powers. However, since the incantation was wrong, the power eventually turned to be the cause of his own destruction.

Now are you thinking ?
I make several mistakes in every mantra / stho:thram that I chant !  God! I am still alive.”

Yes, we all are. Because, when a manthra is chanted in relation to the Supreme Being Srimannarayana, there are no negative results. prathyava:yo na vidyathe

Lets remember this while doing our prayers. Lets worship with God in mind, God as goal and God as the means.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji