Karimnagar Dt

Jammikunta Vikasatarangini and Andal Gosti Jammikunta Members sponsored 10,500 Rs/- worth medicines.45 Cows, 70 Buffalo’s (Total 115 ) were treated. The general ailments – Nattala, Garbakosha, Sudu, General, kutrima Garba Kosha were treated.VT Spiritual & Social activities were explained to the villagers and they showed interest to participate in them They also came forward to conduct women cancer awareness and prevention camps.Sriman Jithender Gupta (VT President), Sriman Krishnamacharyulu and Village sarpanch participated in this program.Sriman Dr. Flawan Mazundar (Govt.doctor) & staff, few Vt Members and Andal gosti jammikunta Members, District VT Members attended the Camp.


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