Laksha Tulasi Archana on occasion of Toli Ekadasi, 15-07-2016 @ Divya Saketham

The most auspicious time of the year is coming soon! Yes, chathurmasam is around the corner. Lets celebrate it collectively.
We welcome everyone to Divya Saketham for LAKSHA THULASI ARCHANA in DIVYA SAKETHAM at 9 AM on the occasion of THOLI EKADASI, CHATHURMASAM.
To participate in Thulasi archana, sponsor Rs.100. You can even participate in puja through NEFT or IMPS and submit your gothra namas.

           NEFT/IMPS Details :

                A/C NO: 159410100000636.
                IFSC CODE:ANDB0002097.
                BRANCH: JIVA CAMPUS.

Significance of Chaturmasyam

The wise always realize and feel the presence of God in their hearts. The four months during Chathurma:sam are considered as HIs resting time because He meditates in Yo:ganidra. Yo:ga means union and Nidra means coming back from regular activity. This Yo:ganidra is for him to focus on finding new ways to protect the Universe. During this period, He identifies several people to implement His plan. Those chosen few become our Gurus.
The Gurus do not move around much to avoid disturbing the Lord residing in their hearts. They stay in one place, starting from a:sha:da pu:rnima for four months.
‘Chathur’ means four, ‘masam’ means month. During this period, they bless the fellow citizens and their disciples with divine knowledge that they have accumulated over time.
Contact Information
JIVA Campus,
Sri Ramnagaram, Muchintal Road,
Palmakol P.O.
Samshabad, HYDERABAD 509325
Contact: 9553549971, 72
Email: [email protected]

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