It was a beautiful morning in Vrindavan. A scholar was passing by little Krushna’s house. He noticed Krushna trying to cross the sill (gadapa, threshold at bottom of the main door frame) of the house to go out and play. However, every attempt he made put him back on the same side of the door. The way he struggled to do the act was so sweet and adorable. He kept trying to cross it with his soft cute and yet very vibrant little body. He used his hands, chest and feet as tools to support his effort, but he was having a hard time.

Watching this, the scholar said – ‘Aah…, I prostrate to Nanda!’

Others asked him, ‘Do you mean Nandananda?’

He said, ‘No. I mean Nanda, the one who could have Krushna in his house, and not letting him go out!!’

A sadacharya (a true acharya) whose heart is full of true adoration for God, he is called Nanda. The immense intensity of acharya’s devotion binds Krushna to his heart! So, it is Nanda that the scholar felt grateful for having given us the knowledge on the Supreme power!

On the Ekadasi day, 5th of October from around 9:00am – Divya Saketham was filled with such excerpts from 12 skandas of Bhagavatam. Several scholars shared the beauty of Bhagavatham.

12 skandas of Bhagavatham were briefly and comprehensively explained by the following scholars in this order: Sri Krishnamacharya garu, Sri Perumallacharya garu, Sri Ushachalapathi garu, Sri Ranga Ramanujacharya garu, Sri TKV Chudamani garu, Sri Rangaramanujacharya garu, Sri Ushathirupathi garu, Sri Devantha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami varu, Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami varu, Sri Addanki Srinivasacharya garu, Sri Rajagopalacharya garu, Sri Prapanna Vysarada garu and Sri Neela garu.

Sri Ahobila Ramanujacharya Swamiji lead this event with utmost love and dedication to learning and spreading the beauty of Bhagavatham.

At around 6:30pm – right at the beginning of the 10th chapter (dasama skandam) that speaks about Lord Krushna, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji reached the temple from Badrinath carrying with him the glory of the Narayana Mantra!!! Everyone felt enthused, elated and fulfilled to see Swamiji walk to into the temple as a mark of a beautiful divine radiance. Swamiji took his seat as part of audience and relished the talk of the last three scholars. At the end, Swamiji shared his mangalasasanams, well wishes and blessings for organising the beautiful event on ekadasi.

Also, as Swamiji arrived the asram from Badrinath, all visually challenged students of Netra Vidyalaya, children learning Vedam, young and old, literate and illiterate, ignorant and scholarly have gathered to welcome Him. Swamiji was equally or even more thrilled to see them; He began to question everyone about the work they were doing, and enquired on their well-being.

Decades of hard work, touching millions of lives with love, travelling lakhs of miles to spread right knowledge, inspiring, cheerful and compassionate, not weary of working incessantly – such is the strength of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji!

– From the event at Divya Saketham on 5th October, Swamiji’s arrival from Badrinath