Generally, at some instant in our lives – we must have come across a situation when we had to keep a secret. How about Rushis? Did they also have any secrets? But, aren’t they great souls who did not have such need to maintain any secrets?

True, they did NOT have any selfish need to maintain a secret. But, they did have selfless need to maintain some secrets. They know the immense value of God and so they protected HIM in the literature to ensure no-one with wrong intentions can abuse or misuse God. They were always ready to reveal the secrets based on the intense curiosity and intense interest of the seekers.

A secret that our a:charya:s revealed is that, ‘some numbers convey an in-depth meaning when used in Vedic literature depending on the context it is used’.

Whenever a ‘gem’ is referenced, it could indicate number 9 because there are 9 precious gems (nava ratnalu). Number 9 implied all the 9 relations that bonds God and a soul together forever.

  • Pithru-puthra
    [the realisation that the true father for all that exists, including the self is God and that the seed of soul is laid into the field of womb by God]
  • Rakshya-rakshaka [the realisation that the saviour of any soul from the wheel of temporary states of pain and joy is God]
  • Se:sha-se:shi [the realisation that all efforts by a soul through ‘thought, talk, and action’ are all for God]
  • Bharthru-bha:rya [the realisation that the true bearer of everything that exists is God]
  • Gna:thru-gne:ya [the realisation that the true wisdom is: all knowledge leads to one ultimate power, God]
  • Swaswa:mi [the realisation that God is the actual owner of the soul]
  • A:dha:ra-a:dhe:ya [the realisation that soul is dependent on God]
  • Sare:ra:thma [the realisation that I am made to be a body for God and God is within me to be my soul]
  • Bhokthry-bhogya [the realisation that the receiver/enjoyer of all results from any effort by a soul is God]

God’s heart is a palace built by true pure gems and becomes a home for all great devotees who realise and feel God’s presence through all the above 9 relations. However, God’s home (our hearts) is only as clean as we make it. Such devotees enjoy a blissful state of mind which is an absolute treat for their thoughts, words and actions. Such devotees are in the midst of wonderful lamps that indicate their belief in sa:stra (vedic literature) and the elaboration of vedic literature. Their practices are in synch with what they believe in. They have a solid and stable understanding of FIVE-fold knowledge pack which answers the five questions below.

  • Who am I
  • Am I controlled by someone and if so, who is my controller
  • What is my goal
  • What is the means to achieve my goal
  • What are the hurdles to overcome in order to reach that goal

These devotees do not talk much until you ask. They do not show off and hence we may not find them unless we really seek and they shower their grace. Their words of wisdom have the power to clean loads of ignorance that we have been carrying for long time.

In history, there is such a devotee named Bhakthisa:ra Yogi (thirumajisai a:lwa:r), he entered all schools of knowledge and concluded that ‘Lord Vishnu’ is the ultimate source and giver of true bliss; and is the core of all we can see and all that cannot be seen.

His biography makes a mention of an incident where a rasa yo:gi who had mastered the creation of gold out of any material; wanted to help Bhakthisa:ra Yo:gi because he looked like he was a poor person not capable of any art to support his living. This rasa yo:gi spent 25 years to master this art. Then, Bhakthisa:ra Yo:gi took some small speck of dust and converted into gold in just a moment. The rasa yo:gi was shocked. Bhakthisa:ra Yo:gi has a very low profile; but when he went into a temple, it was said that the deity in the temple has his eyes always on him. Such a devotee always is in a relation with God as mentioned in the 9 fold as described above.

Such devotee always wished only one thing – the company of God which is possible only when God liberates the soul from karmic records. He even refused a boon from Siva because he has no other wishes than liberation and liberation is only in the hands of Jana:rdana, Lord Vishnu,

Mokshamiche:th jana:rdana:th