All of us look forward to having a beautiful day, don’t we? What makes a day beautiful to one person might not be the same for another person. But, there is a common factor that binds everybody. The presence of Supreme power binds us all on a common ground. When we realise this fact, we begin to feel a special bond with everything and everyone. That special bond connects us all beautifully. Thus the recipe for a beautiful day must include the MAIN ingredient, GOD!

Not everyone realises and acts according to this fact that God, the Supreme power is within ourselves and everywhere around. Realising this fact is jna:na (knowledge) and acting accordingly is acharana (practice). These are two essential wings of a bird called acharya.

Living each moment in accordance with this knowledge makes one’s life beautiful. Let’s see how…

If you are working with a higher official at work and realise that God indwells in him, you will make a conscious effort to work with him efficiently and promptly. If the higher official begins to take advantage of your obedience, even then – you will not quit, you will act in a way that he learns to be aligned with God’s great principles.

When you are eating, every delicious item will begin to please not you but God within you. Wait a minute, if that is the case – what am I enjoying? You are enjoying serving God! If you stop the experience of the taste of food at your tongue, instead of taking it further to the one who is supporting you, then you are missing out the true and complete beauty in the activity. Thus, don’t just eat and stop it at a mundane activity, but bind it with root and make it divine and beautiful. The experience then becomes richer and complete.

Our purvacharyas, the great teachers have always followed this and passed on the same to us. Let us make every day beautiful and divine. Leading life this way is fifth samskara (an eligibility for a next state) that is given to everyone who goes through the Samasrayanam (initiation/seeking an acharya for true wisdom and right lifestyle).

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji