On 3rd Jan 2016,

Samuhika Lakshmi Puja was conducted in Sri Mahalakshmi temple to raise awareness about Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam program. Srimathi Vaisaradi Mathaji speaking on this occasion said that differences of dalitha vargas was removed and  people of all castes, creed  were involved by Bhagavad Ramanuja in the construction of many temples 1000 years age. He became a pioneer in  propounding Equality. Bharatha worshipped the padukas of Rama and the wealth in Ayodhya increased 10 folds. Bharatha told so to Rama on his return from the exile after 14 years. If we do worship Rama padukas, our wealth will too increase 10 folds. Lets do it. The participants eagerly took the padukas home and asked if they can ask their kith and kin to be part of this program. The organizers confirmed that everyone interested can be part of this program and enjoy the benefits.

Bar Council Chairmain Sri Anantha Narasimha Reddy spoke on this occasion. Vattem Devastthana Dharmakartha Sri Sandadi Rangareddy said that spriritual feeling should be inculcated in the students and children. Sriman Raghunadha Charyulu spoke on the importance of Sri Rama padukas. VT coordinator Sri Rajashekar Bandaru spoke about the VT activities in the area.  Pujas were held under the supervision of Convenor Sri Bharath Kumar.

Venkateswara Swamy Maladharas participated in the seva and offered their obeisance to everyone.


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