Do you want to be a person who can ‘get down’ when needed or ‘fall down’ easily? That’s a silly question 😊. No one wants to fall. But, we all have fallen at least once. Not just falling physically down, but morally, intellectually, mentally etc. Think about it. Have you compromised on a moral value because of a selfish desire? Have you ever compromised on your good conduct because of arrogance? If so, we have certainly fallen!  Our school system should focus on training children to ‘get down’ to help others, and not ‘fall’ for the traps of unhealthy reasons.

Teachers should ‘get down’ to the level of students and ‘rise them’. They should be raised in such a way that they can extend their hand for all those who need a lift! Value Based Education has to be brought back and given proper priority in our Education System (which was once destroyed under British administration).

Values cannot be just taught as a subject, but they need to be inculcated, monitored, and followed up in day to day behaviour of the child. How much time does a teacher have today to inculcate values in a child? How can we ensure that students get the opportunity to encompass values as part of their school education easily, while not interrupting their academic structure? Honestly, what good is academics when a student is not well-behaved?

With all this in mind, we are launching ‘VALUE BASED SCIENCE EDUCATION’ where the motive is to add a value to each experiment included in the school Science text books. There are about 200 experiments in Science text books of 6th to 10th classes. A lot of these experiments, when connected with a value can build right attitude in the student.

Science Experiments

Science Experiments

Science Experiments

The reason why we chose science experiments is because science learning students or anyone in that field seem to have some misconceptions. Most science students believe that it is the greatest of all subjects! Sorry, but not true!

One big misconception among ‘science students’ is that: ‘when something exists, it has to be seen!’

Truth is: When something exists, it should be perceivable or experience-able (through any of the five senses or manas) and not necessarily be seen with our naked eye (for ex: hunger is felt and not seen!). Whatever knowledge that the current science text books give to children is therefore only a subset of all knowledge.

What is the ultimate purpose of adding Value to Science Experiments?

    • Enhance command on the subject (current government schools and most private schools lack proper ‘models’ to explain concepts taught in the experiment, our project comes with a kit that has models to SHOW to the children doing the experiments).
    • It is to ensure that a student not just leads a casual/basic life, but lives in enhanced holistic health (physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual) happily  AND becomes capable in every way for any challenge that he/she may face!
    • Develop right sense of concern towards everything and everyone by imparting right knowledge of self, the limitations, and ways to overcome them

(current learning mechanism is imparting a life style that makes young crowd money earning machines and pleasure seeking individuals, but not as outlets of care and concern for fellow beings, a dangerous and unhealthy situation! Not giving enough importance to values in education gives rise to such life style).

If teachers are real seekers and inquisitive on this type of education, then the students will be groomed to such best state of mind! So, dear teachers – may you all put your full potential in achieving this and we pray to the bhagavadamsa (the spec of Lord) within you for willing to take up this very necessarily element into your teaching schedules!

– From the address of Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji,
– JIVA asram, 02nd March 2019

DEOs and teachers from 10 schools of Mahbubnagar and Ranga Reddy districts have come to participate in the workshop. The 1-day workshop included an introduction session briefly sketching the purpose of the meet, and the schedule. It was then followed by groups of students and teachers conducting 5 experiments in separate designated areas. The closing session involved capturing feedback from the teachers, students, and follow-up actions.

Overall, everyone was happy with the experience. A seed is sown in the minds of teachers on how value-less education leaves us all in a very confused and aimless situation! All teachers are already aware of this, but I guess we all need to co-operate with them – the government, the parents to ensure we raise responsible valuable children!

Acharya Devo:bhava!