Lord Rama, the most beloved God residing in the hearts of millions of devotees. Lord Rama – the perfect avatar of Srimann:ara:yana embellished with excellent qualities. That beautiful God, captivates His devotees with His “Kalya:n Gunas” and past times.

Our Vikasatarangini members (VT-05, Sapthagiri Colony) and devotees too got wound in Sri Rama’s enchanting snare , when they performed “Sri Kodanda Ramalayam Bramostava” event from 06/02/2018 to 10/02/2018. And not only them, but also a muslim devotee Mohammad Kuddos (Fruit vendor) , who offered his services to Lord Rama, during the event.

On the last day – the Bramostavam Dwadasha Ardhana day, our muslim devotee offered 12 types of fruits, Rs.1,100/ for the event and he vowed to do it every year.

Such is the power of Sri Rama – the indweller of our souls. Let’s bow to Him and seek His blessings for all our good endeavours and for a successful completion of Ra:ma:nuja Sahasra:bdhi.

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