Feb 23rd & 24th 2009 
Vizianagaram VT organised a grand programme of chanting Aditya Hrudayam in the morning on the newmoon day involving more than 7000 people from many villages around. Aditya Hrudayam was chanted during all this month by the people organised by the VT. They were given with Tulasi plant and a lamp with cow ghee to pray for the sake of welfare to the society. They have distributed the cow dung cakes to reduce the environmental pollution. VT Volunteers have explained the significance of auspiciousness, a cow is associated with by its mere presence irrespective of whether it gives milk or not. They reminded people to live more near to the nature. They have taught how important it is to protect cows. All the people were excited by the facts revealed by HH Sri Swamiji in regard to the cows from our scriptures. HH Sri Swamiji blessed all of them for their great service to the cows and protecting them. HH appealed not to sell the cows to the factories or kill them just because they don’t give milk and also said that Living with them protects us from many dangerous diseases and blesses us with good health. That’s why all the kings and learned people used to surely have cows in their houses and also people who have them more are considered more wealthy. HH Visited the houses of some of the devotees who invited Swamiji with great devotion and by 24th night HH reached Rajahmundry.

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