There are no restrictions for worshipping God (“Bhagavad A:ra:dhana”).

There are no forced regulations on the items we can use to do “Bhagavad A:ra:dhana”.

We have no restrictions by caste or birth.

Do you have the inclination to do service to Swamy ? YES.

Then there is nothing that can prevent us from doing anything for GOD.

So seeking refuge at HIS feet, is very easy and simple. There is nothing hard about it.

There are no reverse effects. And besides HE is easily pleased and accepts all our prayers and offerings.

All one needs is one simple thought to ‘perform any devotional service to HIM’.

So how is this worship to be done ?
Like a man who thinks of his lover!

There is a story about Tulasi Das. Once, Tulasi Das’s wife went to stay with her parents. Tulsidas, unable to bear the separation from his wife, set about to meet her in the dead of night. It was pitch dark, windy and stormy. And yet Tulasi Das was determined to meet her.  With great difficulty, he managed to reach her town. Soon he found his way to her house. But Tulasi das was disappointed to see the gate closed. He looked around and found a rope hanging from the compound wall. He held on to it and climbed up. He slowly slid down to the inside of the house premises.

Lo and Behold! What did he find ? It was not a rope. It was a long snake! Tulasi Das was terrified. But the snake slithered away. He was however, left dirty with the grime and smell of the snake! Finally Tulasi Das, knocked the doors and was simply very happy to meet his wife.

What things can love do, is really amazing! And yet all the hardships endured to satisfy ones own self or others is not worthwhile. However, the same is not true for GOD. All efforts towards God, gives distinguished results of happiness and joy.  Nammalwa:r says in the pa:suram parivadil i:sanaippa:di….

“Its easy to do, easy to perform. It is not bound by time, place or brith. It never shows any bad effects, it removes all hurdles, gives great results.” Nammalwar apprises us to do “Bhagavad A:radhana” (Worship God) while telling us the beauty of performing devotional service to Srimanna:rayana.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

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