When we utter a word, we imagine the object in mind. Say for example, if we say the word “cat, dog,…”, we immediately envision those animals in the mind. Now, OM is a sound. So, when we utter Om, what must come in one’s mind? What must one envision in the mind for the sound “OM” ? – Asked Arjuna to Krishna in Bhagavad Githa.

Krishna said:aum iti eka aksharam brahma

The essence of Ve:dam is Bramha(Here Bramha means Ve:dam).

vya:haran ma:m anusmaran

And while uttering this sound(vya:haran), think of ME (ma:m anusmaran)

Chant Omka:ram and think of ME. ME here is ‘Krishna’.

Who is that Krishna ? and How was HE then?

HE was GOD HIMSELF with all qualities; HE was willing to do anything and everything for those who sought HIS refuge. Krishna who is the protector of the entire World was then sitting as a charioteer for Arjuna! Charioteer is considered a lowly job. And yet HE was ready to do it for Arjuna and owned it for the sake of Arjuna.

Krishna exhibited two main qualities:

  1. SUPREMACY- Greatness(Sarvasakthi),
  2. ACCESEBILITY – Easily available to all (Sulabhaha)

In Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:mam(A poetic composition praising God as Maha Vishnu with 1000 names), Swamy is praised as:

Sulabhaha(accessible) and also Durlabhaha (Not easily accessible)

These two words, appear to contradict each other. But lets see what they mean actually…

God is Sulabha for HIS devotees. HE Is Durlabha for those who do not make any attempt to understand HIM. We need an acharya who can show us these subtle differences.

So Bramha is ONE who is Supreme, Accessible and can easily convey anything to others knowing their nature. This calls for COMPASSION, KNOWLEDGEABLE(Daya, Sarvajnathvam)

But Krishna was speaking in a battlefield in front of millions of people who were ready to fight. Krishna was not giving the call for the war but instead was engaged in a long conversation with Arjuna! Time passed and yet no one spoke a word in between. No one moved. No one interrupted till Krishna ended his advice and instructions to Arjuna as ‘Githa’! Just amazing!

So Krishna displayed His COMMAND (Parathvam) over everyone and their senses.

But Arjuna was not a proper listener. He was not willing to accept Krishna’s words easily. But Krishna showed no anger. He was patient, and was able to even bear the mistakes of the Arjuna. He overlooked them and was ready t correct him. Krishna had the TOLERANCE and LOVE. So HE had Va:thsalyam

Such was a Krishna. He had Sarvasakthi, Sarvajnathvam, Parathvam, Soulabhyam, Daya, Va:thsalyam. [These are just a few of the many infinite auspicious qualities God has and manifests]

So, When Krishna said that “One must practice to think of HIM while chanting Omka:ra“, the HIM here is that Tatvam (the Absolute Truth) which has all infinite such qualities like Krishna.

And there is more…

Arjuna and Krishna had an inseparable bond. Arjuna was considered like a calf, the milk was obtained from the cow for us. pa:rtho vatsaha sudhi:hi bho:ktha

“May the good intelligent people accept the milk of the cow received while milking cow with the calf”

That highest Tathvam which is full of infinite auspicious qualities; which manifests for us; which stays with us as an inseparable relationship – is OMKA:RAM

Now that we recognized the OMKA:RAM, we need to throw our “Atma”(soul) as an arrow on it. But how should we throw that atma towards that OMKA:RAM, by which we can place our soul at the lotus feet of God who is in the OMKA:RA ?  Andal showed us the way in the Dhanurma:sam Vratham.

Our Acharya has elaborated the Dhanurma:sam Vrathamin a very beautiful way.

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji