Ravana’s boon from Bramha was such that he cannot be killed by any creature. He did not mention ‘Human being’ in the list of creatures when he asked for the boon. Why?

Human being is a slave for hunger, thirst, jealous, anger, desire, and every emotion or any physical want. When someone is so dependent on those, they become incapable of greater attributes and skills. So, Ravana did not even think about Human being when he was asking for the boon!

Lord was then born as a Human being and lived like one. What does it mean to live like a good human being?

To live like a good human being is to not be emotionally swayed by experiences, thereby making the body fit for a peaceful journey towards ultimate goal.

What are the commonalities between Rama avatar and Narasimha avatar?

Both are a result of his own wish to appear in those forms. No one asked Sri Maha Vishnu to take the forms, but He himself came down in those forms watching the need of the hour, and the state of the devotees.

Did Prahlada not ask for Lord to appear in the pillar hit by Hiranyakasipa?

No, Prahlada did not ask for Lord to appear in the pillar. He kept telling his father whatever his Guru, Narada told him. Narada said, ‘anthar bahischa thath sarvam vyapya Narayana sthitha ha’, God exists in and out of anything and everything. He is referred to as Narayana. Hiranyakasipa then got a pillar constructed in his own living hall with an eye keen to disallow penetration of any power into the pillar. After the construction was over, he examined the pillar by hitting it open. Prahlada did not even think about whether God does exist in the pillar or not, he simply believed in his Acharya! When a devotee makes a promise, God keeps it up and therefore He appeared.

Prahlada trusted what His guru preached him. What are the characteristics of such a Guru?

Such a Guru never lies, always works for our hitham, our good. Such a Guru does not wish for any other benefits.

So, does God exist now amongst us? Why can’t we see him then?

Yes He exists. He can be seen, experienced when you look for him correctly. Example, if you want to watch a movie star on your phone – you connect your phone to a network, go to the right URL and then select the right movie and play it. Similarly, look for God through reliable means and defined process.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Isamiya Bazar, Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple Bramhotsavams

Sri Swamiji appreciated the devoted priest in the temple, Sri Sravan Kumari ji whose principled behaviour and love for Lord has attracted several devotees to seek the blessings of God in the temple. Sri Swamiji also expressed how well the team of Sri Anjayya ji have been working to make this place of worship a centre for Spiritual well-being to all the residents in that area.