We all enjoy the many Kalyanothsavams, whether it’s in Tirupati or during Brahmotsavams at any temple. We take great delight in attending one of these sacred events or performing them. But have you anytime wondered, why we perform and more so, questioned our own privilege in performing a Kalyana Mahothsavam to The Creator. Read on to find the answer to this question

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in his speech on the occasion Lakshmi Nrusimha Kalyanothsavam in Dharmapuri answered many such unanswered questions in a truly enlightening way.

When Lord Srimannarayana comes to the earth to save the drowning humanity, He need not manifest in a known and or humanly prescribed form, rather in any form rational to him for the need. Best example is Narasimha Avatara. With this, Swami proved that He can take birth from a Pillar, He is Omni present and He doesn’t conform to any of the humanly perceived beliefs, faiths or logic.  In the same way, He exists as Archa Murthi before us in a physical form. It is said in aagama sastras that when He takes any such form, He accepts all the ablutions that we generally do to that form. Thus, he accepts Kalyanam (Marriage) done with love and devotion. Now, who do we pair him up with for the Kalyanam?

The life of a Man is infested with many Doshams from karma done ignorantly or with full consciousness. Yet we reach out to Lord when in need, in the same way we reach out to our father when in need. But as is known, our father doesn’t meet our needs immediately and chides upon our misgivings. Can you guess who comes in to picture in this turbulent situation? Who else, but our Mother. It is always our Mother who comes and pacifies our father so he can mete out to our purpose and need. In a similar way when a Jeevathma reaches out to Paramathma, he is not met with amity by Lord Narayana. Our Lord looks at us in a chiding manner questioning our ill-actions and misgivings. Only after Amma(Sridevi) pacifies him, reminds him of his affection towards our children that he reaches out to us and showers us with his eternal blessings.

So it is important for The Lord Narayana to be consorted by Amma (Kshama Roopini, one who forgives – Sridevi) always in many forms and every form and all around. This is answer to the question why there are multiple consorts to swami. Are we satisfied if they forgive us? We also expect them to give us what we want, right? That requires Daya Roopini. Amma therefore takes many forms and in many positions (even Vakshasthalam, as Lakshmi Devi) to remind the Kindness to Swami

Amma goads swami saying

కిమేతత్ నిర్దోశ: కహ ఇహ జగతి ( Is there anyone who doesn’t err in this world), thus pacifying swami.

That is why the Aagama Grandhas prescribe a rule that

యస్య అవతార దివసేత్, తస్య కల్యాణం ఆచరేత్ (When ever the Lord takes an avatharam, incarnation on this Earth, Perform the Divine Matrimony with his Consort, Our Amma)

Hence it is important for one to reach out to Lord in presence of Amma, so we are blessed for life. So it is of a paramount importance for us to perform this sacred reunion, to reach out to Swami.

– From the discourses of Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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